Planning a Sten Party

Ideas and advice when it comes to planning a joint stag and hen party, otherwise known as a Sten Party.

Ideas for planning a Sten Party

If you’re not keen on celebrating separate stag and hen parties, you might want to consider a joint celebration, otherwise known as a Sten Party! Not only will a Sten Party give you the opportunity to spend more time together as a couple, but you can also have fun planning this party or weekend together as a distraction from planning your actual wedding. 

Below, we’re sharing tips, ideas and advice when it comes to planning a Sten Party to remember! 

The Benefits of Hosting a Sten Party 

Sten Parties are a becoming increasingly popular but are a great way for the bride and groom to share an unforgettable experience before they venture in to married life together. A Sten Party doesn’t necessarily have to mean that the couple share every element of their celebration together. The bride can do a day activity with her best girls and the groom can spend time with his friends before both parties meet in the evening for a bigger party. 
If you do decide to plan a Sten Party, your friends and family will get to know each other, before meeting again at your wedding venue on the big day. This could be a great ice breaker and an event for everyone to look forward to. 

25 Sten Party Ideas 

Activity Sten Party Ideas 

For couples wanting to plan something out of the ordinary.

  • Go Karting
  • Escape Rooms 
  • Golfing trip
  • Paint balling
  • Book a couple of lodges at Centre Parcs

Luxury Sten Party Ideas 

If you’re willing to splash the cash…

  • Book a super luxury restaurant in London followed by a booth/table in a night club
  • Rent a party boat and celebrate all night
  • Choose an exciting destination and fly first class
  • Hire a chef to cook a luxury dinner party meal in your own home
  • Go to the Races – book a box at Ascot or Goodwood

Destination Sten Party Ideas 

Plan ahead, but you’ll remember one of these parties for many years to come. 

  • Pub crawl in Dublin 
  • Sight seeing and culture in Dubrovnik 
  • Rent a beautiful villa in Marbella 
  • Blow the budget in Las Vegas 
  • Octoberfest in Munich

Sten Party Ideas in the UK 

Get excited about a weekend away with your favourite group of friends.

  • Party in Edinburgh 
  • Do the Beatles Tour in Liverpool 
  • Plan a fun-packed weekend in London 
  • North Norfolk for chic coastal fun 
  • Yorkshire for cosy cottages 

Unique Sten Party Ideas

For interactive fun amongst the stags and hens. 

  • Book a wine tasting tour at a vineyard
  • See a show at the theater or if you’re planning a Sten Party around Christmas, tickets to see Christmas carols at the Royal Albert Hall could be wonderful
  • Celebrate in a private cabin on the London Eye 
  • Book a cooking or cocktail making class 
  • Go to a festival for the weekend

5 Top Tips on Planning a Sten Party 

As you would have learned from planning your wedding, planning a party or celebration takes time. Therefore, below, we’re sharing 5 important tips to help make planning your Sten Party slightly easier. 

  1. Don’t over-think your guests list. As you’ll more than likely be inviting couples to join you, the numbers can add up quickly. 
  2. If you plan on inviting single guests make sure you invite an equal number of male vs females, just to even things up. 
  3. Plan ahead, you’ll want to give your couple friends plenty of warning – especially if they need to book childcare.  
  4. Plan together to ensure you both meet each others party expectations. 
  5. Set a Sten Party budget and add it to your overall wedding planning budget.