Organising the Stag

So, you’re the Best Man. Congratulations. If there wasn’t enough pressure on you to begin with you’ve now been given the task of organising the biggest party of your best bud’s life…. Yikes! 
But if you’ve never done it before how do you know what goes into planning a killer stag do? Where do you start? 


No girls allowed

Firstly, you need to decide who is on the guest list. Now, this can be a minefield of disappointment and awkwardness if you’re not careful. Unless you’ve shared the same circle of friends since leaving school, and even if you have, chances are there will be a number of people you don’t know well enough to decide whether or not they make the final cut.  

Do you invite workmates or will that mean the groom won’t be able to let his hair down quite so much for fear of professional indecency? Do you invite Fathers and in-laws-to-be?  In situations such as this it is always best to CONSULT THE GROOM. Yes, the details of the stag party should ideally be kept on the down-low, but don’t go solo with this one. You want this to be something he’ll remember for the rest of his life and not a night of embarrassment or guilt… well, perhaps you do but that’ll be for different reasons! 

You’ll also need a rough idea of how many people to invite, as this will probably dictate the type of event you’re going to be organising. If the guest list appears to be endless, you could always consider having two stag nights?

Brides tend to have this covered with what is known as a ‘Bridal shower’; a much tamer pre-hen event of an afternoon or evening with a larger guest list of slightly more distant relatives and those who didn’t quite make it onto the ‘A-list’ for the main event. This tends to keep everyone happy, prolongs the celebration and means the party can really get going when it matters.

Once you’ve nailed the guest list, you’ll need to fix a date. Tradition has it that the stag do is the weekend (or night!) before the wedding. We’ve all seen ‘The Hangover,’ right? Having ‘the last night of freedom’ so close to the ‘biggest day of your life’ is just a disaster waiting to happen! It’s best to allow some breathing space between the two, giving you time for, say, the Groom’s eyebrows to grow back…. Exchanging vows with any suggestion of a hangover is somewhat disrespectful to anyone who has had a part to play in the wedding, especially the bride! 

Stags vary according to tastes and financial circumstances of those involved. The groom is rarely expected to pay for anything himself so factor this in to the budget when you start planning.  

On average, a UK based stag do will cost in the region of £100 a head whist hopping on a plane will likely be double, if not triple.  You’re best to book as early as possible to ensure you get the cheapest deals but make sure you get the money up front from anyone confirmed. Booking months in advance, you’re likely to get dropouts and you don’t want to be the one footing the bill at the end of it all. 

There you have it. The first steps in organising the stag party are essentially the three ‘W’s’ – who, when and wonga. Next step is …deciding the activities.