Organising the hen do

So, you have got over the excitement that you are chief bridesmaid and the realisation hits you that you need to start planning the hen do! Long gone are the days when a drink at your local pub the week before the wedding would suffice. You almost need a degree in events these days to plan a hen do. Oh wait, I run events for a living why am I finding this so hard? 


Organising the hen party can put a lot of pressure on one person

A lot of pressure is put on one individual to ensure a group of girls of different ages, tastes and budgets all have an amazing night/weekend.  After all, every bride wants their hen do to be the one that everyone remembers… yikes.

So, fellow Mother Hens, the most important thing to keep in mind is what does the bride want? Butlers in the buff might sound a great idea but just because you want some eye candy it doesn’t mean the bride or her future mother-in-law she has decided to invite does too! Find out exactly what she does and doesn’t want and keep this at the forefront of all your planning. 

It is worth consulting a couple of the other bridesmaids or the bride’s close friends and bounce ideas off of each other BUT make sure they understand that you’re the one who decides what is happening. Once the plan is set, send out a group message to let everyone know the schedule and make sure you’ve left enough time for getting ready later on in the day - most girls won’t appreciate a day of fun filled activities and then 10 minutes to get their glad rags on. 

Keep it personal. The most memorable moment for both the bride and the hens will be the personal touches. Ask all the hens to bring some old photos along. This is a great way to break the ice and also to have a walk down memory lane. The photos can then be stuck in a book with words of advice or memories as well as a few pics from the night. Create a playlist of old school tunes for while you are getting ready and buy some of the brides favorite snacks and don’t forget bubbles – you can never have enough on a girly hen do! 

Whether you are planning a weekend in the white isles of Ibiza or a night out in Brighton be clear from the beginning how much it is going to cost. Detail exactly what is included so they know what else they have to pay for and get the money upfront. You don’t want to have to worry about splitting the bill on the night.   Always ask for a bit extra to cover any unexpected costs that may crop up, as you don’t want to be left with the bill. If you don’t need it then you can always buy a round of drinks at the bar!

Lastly and most importantly remember that everyone attending the hen loves and cares for the bride and will help in making it a night to remember.