Planning your Stag Do or Hen Party

It's time to let your hair down.

Make it fun

So, you’re the Best Man. Congratulations. If there wasn’t enough pressure on you to begin with you’ve now been given the task of organising the biggest party of your best bud’s life…. Yikes! 
But if you’ve never done it before how do you know what goes into planning a killer stag do? Where do you start? 


No girls allowed
Organising the hen party can put a lot of pressure on one person
Make it fun

So, you have got over the excitement that you are chief bridesmaid and the realisation hits you that you need to start planning the hen do! Long gone are the days when a drink at your local pub the week before the wedding would suffice. You almost need a degree in events these days to plan a hen do. Oh wait, I run events for a living why am I finding this so hard? 


The hen party is a night to remember for the rest of your life!
Make it fun

The organisation of the stag and hen do is, traditionally speaking, the responsibility of the Best Man and Chief Bridesmaid respectively.  The transition of events is usually kept secret from the Bride and Groom in order to maximise the enjoyment and retain an element of surprise.