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Wedding Supercars is about service, style, reliability and above all else our relationship with you, the client. We set this company up to deliver a world class service to our clients, where nothing but the best will do. It is entirely flexible and bespoke to you, your family and your day.

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We offer four key service types:

Chauffeured Wedding Supercar Transport
Your wedding transport needs to fit seamlessly into your day and above all else you want to enjoy and engage with the experience. It makes absolute sense to us and our company – allow us to escort you to your chosen venue, which marks where you will begin your new adventure together.

Choose from our stable of Supercars:

How about our Ferrari 458 Italia – proudly Italian, sleek, stylish and a thrill for either the bride or groom?
Why not make an entrance in our Maserati Granturismo S – stunning yet versatile, with seats for three; a real statement car?
Is it a Supercar – the Tesla 90S with supercar performance, smooth, eco-friendly and whisper quiet?
Old school charm – then how about the Ferrari 308?
American muscle more your thing – then why not try the 5.0L Mustang?
How about James Bond elegance – the Aston Martin DB9 will deliver you, not shaken, but perhaps a little stirred?
You can book one or all six cars, subject to their availability.

Surprise the Groom/Bride

We offer a totally discrete service for those clients who are looking to surprise the Groom or Bride with the present of a Chauffeured Supercar for their wedding present – creating memories that will last forever.

The experience and thrill of one of our Supercars, transporting your loved one in luxury and style; we will take the lucky recipient on a scenic journey allowing them to fully experience the capabilities of our cars, leaving them exhilarated, yet refreshed. We also stop enroute for a drink and a chat at a local pub/bar, helping them unwind and relax, as the nerves on the day can be overwhelming. From there, we take them to the wedding venue where we make a grand entrance in absolute style.

Clients often ask us to stay longer so we can get additional pictures of both the Bride and Groom with the cars, which we are happy to do. Our cars create fantastic pictures for your future album.

Our service is absolutely discrete, we work with you “behind the scenes”, scheduling private calls and communications, ensuring your partner is entirely unaware of the plans you are creating with ourselves. In fact, it’s not dissimilar to 007 working covertly to “win the day” – we pride ourselves in providing a truly bespoke service.

If 007 is your thing, or your partner’s, then we have an Aston Martin DB9 at our disposal, which is similar to the car used by James Bond, to carry on the discrete theme. Alternatively we have Italian style and flair with our Ferrari 458 Italia, 308 GTS or the Maserati GTS to create a grand entrance and a volume of memories, or an American muscle car with our yellow and black Mustang GT?

Performance Runs

Are you looking for something different to entertain your guests? Tired of the photo booth or magic mirror? Well, we can provide a largely unique service to our clients – if you book one of our cars for the day, then we can offer the additional service of Performance Runs.

Essentially, we take your guests on a short 5-10 minute drive, so they get to savour the supercar experience for themselves. It is an extremely popular service and one that is talked about for many years after the big day itself. It works particularly well in between the main ceremony and the reception dinner, as there is often a large period of time to fill for your guests.

Bespoke Package

Each wedding is different, with different people, relationships, guests and requirements. That is why we offer a bespoke service that allows you to mix and match with all of the services, the number of guests that you want transported, the number of trips, the routes you want, the number of cars you need and so on.
We can tailor the package to your exacting requirements, but rest assured you will arrive in absolute style.

We operate within a 50 mile radius of the Hampshire/Berkshire area. However, if you require us to travel a little further then feel free to get in touch.

How long in advance should a couple book their wedding transport?

The sooner the better to avoid disappointment, as once a car is booked, we cannot release it. We take bookings often 12 months in advance, but we advise to book at the latest 6 months before.

Do your drivers wear certain attire?

We wear a sharp modern suit with fine Italian shoes. No hat, as that is for the Vintage Car Drivers, plus there is no headroom for it!

Are your cars booked by the hour, or journey?

In general, we normally book our cars out for a 4-5 hour window, but we can tailor the service to a 12 hour day if needed.

What is your most popular car for transporting the bride?

Maserati GTS and Mustang GT

Same question for the groom?

Ferrari 458 Italia

What would be your top tips for couples considering hiring sports car transport for their wedding?

If you want something different, a product that is trending, sharp, modern and sleek then a Supercar as your wedding transport is what you need.

Depending on the car you select, it can either transport one, two or three guests. Please check the vehicle synopsis on our website for each car. Even if you need to transport multiple people, you can still use one of the two seat supercars – it just needs a little more planning!

Don’t limit yourself to one car, as with two or three cars you can certainly make a stunning entrance, provide life long memories and photos to die for.

The bride can use any one of our six supercars. Most modern wedding dresses are easily accommodated within them, but if you have a large hooped dress then we recommend a trial run first.

We arrange private viewings for all of our cars, if needed, allowing the clients to try them before the day.

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