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Shoot It Yourself is the UK's most popular wedding videography service, producing totally unique wedding videos, filmed by you, edited by them. They'll send you the broadcast quality video cameras and awesome online wedding video tutorials to show your friends how to film your wedding from THEIR perspective. They'll then professionally edit the footage into a totally personal, behind the scenes wedding video that really captures the fun and excitement from your big day!

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Describe how your business works

STEP ONE – We’ll deliver our cameras to you by national courier.
STEP TWO – Watch our top tips and tutorials on what to film.
STEP THREE – Your friends and family film the wedding.
STEP FOUR – We’ll collect the cameras and professionally edit whatever you film into a totally personal wedding video.

What makes you unique?

With your friends and family behind the cameras, you’re able to capture your wedding day through the eyes of the people who love you most. They are able to capture all of the fun and excitement from behind the scenes that would normally be missed.

We then use our editing wizardry to turn your home video footage into a fun, professional wedding video that everyone will actually want to watch! And if that’s not enough to convince you, we asked a selection of married couples how they felt about wedding videography – you might be surprised by what they said!

How far in advance should couples book you?

It’s best to book 6 months in advance but the earlier the better.

What type of equipment do you use?

We use SONY AX33 video cameras as they offer the best sound quality and are super easy to use and robust.

Who should we ask to film our wedding?

We suggest you choose 4/5 friends and family to help with the filming. We’ll then communicate with them before the wedding day to make sure they feel confident with the equipment and what they can do to capture great footage.

How long in advance will you deliver the cameras?

We’ll deliver the cameras two days before your wedding by courier service to any UK address. If your wedding is abroad and you need them sooner we can accommodate that too with our Destination package.

How long will the edited footage be?

Depending on which package you go for, your Best Bits video will be 30 or 45 minutes long. You’ll also get separate chapters for the speeches and ceremony in full.

How long after our wedding could we expect to receive our edited film?

The maximum turnaround is 12 weeks after we receive the footage, but it can be sooner at less busy times of year.

Do you choose the background music?

In your post-wedding questionnaire, we’ll ask you to tell us five tracks you’d like us to edit the video to.

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