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Le Papillon Cakes can create a wide variety of wedding cakes and favours for weddings at any Bijou Wedding Venue.

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Tell us a little bit about yourselves:

We have been established since 2009, and have a background in Patisserie. Our previous employment and training was at some of London’s top establishments, including The London Hilton, The Wolseley, and McLaren. All of our cakes are made on our premises, and we have a team of 4 chefs working away through the night.

How long have you been designing wedding cakes for?

I trained at 16, which was 19 years ago. I made my first wedding cake at 17, which looking back was pretty horrendous! Still, it set me on the right path, and now as Le Papillon we have been going 10 years. All in all I have probably made 1000 or more wedding cakes.

What three recommendations would you suggest to couples when it comes to choosing a wedding cake?

I think couples get too caught up on impressing others, and forget about themselves. Its really important to remember its your day, and you need to do what makes you happy. Secondly Try to keep within your theme, try not to have a rustic cake at a regal venue, and again something too ornate in a rustic venue. Thirdly offer variety in terms of flavour. There will be lots of different tastes at the wedding​ and you will have less left over if you offer nice variety.

How far in advance should couples order their wedding cake?

The latest order that we’ve ever taken was for a wedding the very next day! That was a rare exception though as it was a quiet day. Typically, people book 6 -12 months in advance. We can take cakes on less notice, but only if the date is available.

Do you have a best seller, and if so, what cake is it?

Yes, we have 3. We are well known for our Croquembouche, which is a tower of profiteroles, in caramel. We also have a very popular cake called The Tea Party Tower, which is a collection of mini afternoon tea cakes. Thirdly, the last few seasons have seen the rise in the Naked Cake.

Do you offer a variety of wedding cake flavours?

We offer 10 in total and there is no extra charge for multiple flavours. We offer, Victoria Sponge, Raspberry Ripple, Lemon, Pistachio, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Double Chocolate, Chocolate and Raspberry, Chocolate and Praline, and Chocolate Salted Caramel. We do also offer bespoke flavours, which client request from time to time.

Are people still ordering traditional wedding cakes or are people going down an alternative route?

I would say there are definitely less people looking for traditional cakes. In the right setting they look nice, but weddings have changed in style and people now tend to go for cakes that can double up as dessert, or cakes that are more rustic in appearance. A lot more chocolate is used and metallics are very ‘in’ this year.

Besides wedding cakes, do you offer any other service?

We offer an excellent selection of wedding favours and cake tables.

Do you offer a bespoke wedding cake service, if couples have their own vision of wedding cake design?

Yes. We love making something new. You can come with an idea, or a selection of ideas and we can work with you to create something completely unique.

What are you favourite wedding cake trends?

I like dessert. I love it when a cake looks edible and people want to eat it right that second! Simplicity is sometimes more beautiful, and the bigger the better.

If you could create and design a wedding cake for any celebrity, who would it be for and why?

Now that is a tough one. I get a feeling that making a cake for Elton John would be fun. His music is incredible, and to create a cake as flamboyant as him would be amazing fun! Shame he’s married!

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