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Kissing Gate Films is made up of Ben and Kate and a couple of their close and trusted videographer friends. Kissing Gate Films was founded in 2008, and have been all around the world filming weddings and developing their filming and editing style.

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How would you describe your wedding videography style and what makes you unique?

We believe the most meaningful moments happen naturally, when if feels like no-one is watching – except we are, in secret, and we have honed that skill of waiting, watching and capturing that magic.
We have perfected our storytelling through the years, intertwining the vibe and feel of the day into our film editing. For weddings that are all about the party, we centre this vibe in your film. For weddings that are full of raw emotion, family and heartfelt speeches, we weave these sentiments and moments into your edit. Each video is tailored especially for you.

How would you describe your working style? Will you have an assistant on the day?

Our wealth of experience means we have a calm and relaxed approach to filming, which allows our couples and their guests to enjoy the day worry-free. We know how to hide ourselves away so that your wedding party forget that we’re there. We rarely work with assistants, and have streamlined our filming equipment so that we take up as little space as possible!

What type of equipment do you use?

Cameras + Lenses: We have a range of cameras, including Sony, Canon, Red and Black Magic. We have a huge range of beautiful lenses, which allow us to play around with framing and depth of field in really lovely ways, to bring that cinematic feel to your wedding film. Though we film a lot handheld (in keeping with our blending in and hiding away!) we also use high end tripods and gimbals where necessary.
Aerial: If you are after aerial footage of Bijou’s stunning venues and grounds, then we have drones and fully licensed aerial videographers too!
Live Streaming: We have a Live Streaming mixing board, offering multi-camera Live Streaming coverage of your ceremony and speeches. We provide you with a link before the day, so that remote guests can login and watch your wedding in real time. Guests can also leave comments and messages for you, and the video is yours to keep after too!
Bells + Whistles: If you really want to go crazy with your coverage, we also have a 15ft Kessler Crane, which is certainly not a must, and much harder to hide away… but it does capture incredible footage of packed dance floors…

Do you shoot in HD? What format with the final version be in?

Everything is shot in HD, and your final version will be full HD. We do also offer 4k options.

What can you offer couples? Can they customise the package with you?

We have a selection of packages, ranging from our Low-Key package to our dream package.

What parts of the day do you usually capture?

We usually film from bridal preps through to first dance, however coverage varies from package to package.

How long does it take you to edit?

Weddings films are usually turned around within 3 months from the wedding date.

How long with the final version usually be?

We have a selection of packages, ranging from our Low-Key package to our dream package.

How far in advance should couples book you?

We recommend booking 6 months – a year before.

What information do you need from the couple before the wedding day?

We just need a timeline of the day, addresses and contact numbers.

What are your favourite trends?

Laughing, dancing, natural emotion – are they trends??

What are you expecting to see become more mainstream/more common in the next year or two?

With the whole world having been shaken recently, Live Streaming has picked up. Couples are starting to invest in Live Streaming options, to allow their relatives or friends to tune in and watch their wedding from their homes. It’s a lovely way to stop guests from feeling left out if they are unable to attend. Another really lovely feature is the comments section under the video. Couples can login after their weddings and read all of the well wishes and responses from their friends. What’s more, the live edits and comments remain in their private link forever, giving the couples these extra lovely keepsakes.

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