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Nearly all couples have little or no previous dance experience so it is wonderful to hear all of the couples we have worked with say that, when it came to their special day, they felt confident and positive about performing their routines.

The first dance is personal to you. You choose the song and we choreograph a routine that you feel comfortable with and suits your abilities. Of course, we can satisfy the adventure-hungry dancers and choreograph routines that are more ambitious or veer away from the traditional first dance styles. We’ve choreographed for couples in street and contemporary styles in addition to the classic, more traditional, Social Ballroom and Latin styles.

Tell us a little about yourself?

A wedding dance company, which choreographs first dances for couples, or provides wedding dance lessons to help couples navigate the dance floor. This extends to group dances for the bridal party and also hen dance parties. So you think you can’t dance? Too often do we at The Love of Dance (TLoD) hear people say “I just wish I could learn a dance and have the confidence to perform like they do on TV”, referring to that particular celebrity dance competition. You know the one. Whilst they may not be aspiring to be on TV, TLoD’s dance teachers work with many ‘non’ dancers, giving confidence to perform a dance, especially choreographed to suit their abilities, in the style perfect for their occasion and music – be it weddings, hen parties, birthdays, or many other types of events. The Love of Dance gets anyone who thinks they can’t dance, dancing!

How would you describe your style and what makes you unique?

We’re not a formal dance training company – we want couples who aren’t necessarily dancers to feel relaxed and that it’s so achievable to learn a dance to look great and perform in front of their guests – and still have fun. Customer service is really important – getting to know exactly what the couple wants before lessons start, and giving them a service that is so unique to the individuals.

What do you offer couples? What style of dance?

We suggest lesson packages, which work out cheaper than individual sessions. We can either choreograph the dance for them, or just give general dance lessons in many different styles, from Latin and ballroom to even street dance or cabaret styles for those who want something less traditional. The hen dance parties cover a whole range of styles. The starting point is always the music – the couple or group usually know what song they want to dance to and we make it happen! Why should couples choreograph their first dance? It’s such an important moment of the wedding day. Guests love it when a couple has practiced something and are event more blown away when it’s been choreographed. The couples we have worked with have said they felt so relaxed and it was all the guests were talking about for weeks after. The lessons are a great chance to spend time together, bonding even more and someone once said it was so nice to do something together in preparation for the wedding that wasn’t as boring or stressful as the other things they had to do!

If you were getting married, what would be your first dance and why?

Eek! There are so many gorgeous songs out there old and new. It would probably be to a soul song and something a bit upbeat and funky, but I’m going to skirt around a concrete answer by saying it would have to be something that is so personal to me and my partner!

What would be your top tips for couples thinking about having dance lessons for their wedding?

Definitely allow three months minimum to start lessons in advance, with a penultimate lesson a month before the wedding and a final polishing session in the weeks before. Everything gets so busy in the last month so you want to have time to rehearse. It’s also really important to keep talking to the choreographer about the routine as we want couples to be completely relaxed with every move. Find Youtube examples that you like by searching ‘first wedding dance’ so the choreographer knows what style you are aiming for. We offer a reduced price trial session so you can try out and talk through some ideas before the lessons start so we know we’re all on the same page.

When should they first think about coming to see you?

See above! We also get booked up so a good idea to get in touch no less than 4-5 months in advance of the event. Venue is also really important. We have teachers all over London and the home counties who can come to an area where a couple lives or works. You may know a reasonable sized space that the sessions could be held in at little or no cost to you, so this will reduce the cost of the packages. Some people manage to negotiate cheaper or free space at their gyms, church halls or even the back of pubs or office space. Otherwise we will source the venue for you. We also find really lovely venues around London, which don’t have to be dance studios – we’ve held lessons in art galleries overlooking the Olympic park or cafes before!

How many lessons do couples usually need? How long is each lesson?

Our packages vary depending on how much time the couples have. Weekly lessons are usually 1.5 hours long whereas intensive sessions, for couples who don’t have much time to dedicate to weekly lessons, are 3 hours long with shorter final sessions closer to the event of 1.5 hours. Packages are 6-9 hours in total allowing time to learn the dance and then final sessions with the choreographer to polish and practice. Couples can also have general dance lessons in their style to suit their song as they like, and they can choose how many hours they would like.

What are you expecting see more mainstream/more common in the next year or two?

Funnily enough we get repeat requests for the classic love songs, but occasionally a couple will choose something more modern/in the charts, so that is really hard to predict! Choice of song and style of the dance are all down to individual preferences and personal stories.

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