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Amara is the number one online destination for luxurious homeware and gifts which makes us the perfect choice for a gift list service.

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How long has your wedding gift list service been running for?

We have been offering a form of this service from the very early days of Amara back in 2008.

Does it cost anything to open up a gift list with you?

There is no cost and it takes very little time, well apart from getting lost on the website looking at all the lovely goodies that you want to add to your list!

How long before a wedding should a couple set up their wedding gift list?

It is best to have it ready for when your invitations go out but some of our couples open it earlier to include bridal shower gift opportunities.

What are the most popular products that are typically added to a wedding gift list?

Dinnerware and glasses are always popular but with most of our couples already living together they like to add luxury interior products that they wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves such as a Ralph Lauren hurricane lamp or Missoni cushions.

How many different gift options would you suggest that a couple add to their gift list, based on a guest number of around 100?

We would always recommend a long and varied list covering different types of products as well as various price points to suit everyone from your boss to your great aunty Doris! Remember you don’t have to have what is bought anyway, at the end when you are ready you can swap and exchange everything if you so wish!

Does your gift list offer an option to ask for vouchers as well as actual gifts?

Yes it does.

If couples decide to return a gift that they have received, is this possible?

Yes, although this is unusual because you have such flexibility before delivery to change the gifts purchased to ensure you get exactly want you want from

Do you post each gift directly to the couple once the guest has made their purchase, or do you hold all of the gifts in a warehouse and deliver them all in one go?

As each gift is purchased your guest can also leave you a message, all are collated in a dedicated area in our warehouse to be dispatched usually after the wedding when you are ready to decide want to actually want to keep.

If you could buy the ultimate wedding gift for a couple, what would it be?

We love the Linley set of decanter and glasses or a matching pair of jewellery boxes – they are simply stunning!

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