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Our names are Naomi & James and we are a husband and wife wedding videography duo.

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Tell us a little bit about 2408 Films

We have always shared a passion for capturing our special memories. When James created a film of our engagement, our passion for videography grew and naturally we swayed towards the wedding industry as we are hopeless romantics and we love all the emotions associated with the big day!
If you would like to see our proposal story, head over to where you can have a nose.

How would you describe your wedding videography style and your style of working?

We know first-hand all the emotions and feelings that come with getting married and we feel so proud to be able to tell so many couples’ stories. We absolutely love being part of peoples’ day and we immerse ourselves in it. We believe this is shown in our films with our main aim being to retell the story in a beautiful cinematic way.
We love seeing how each unique wedding tale unfolds…

Our style of shooting is very discreet. We aim to capture the day unfolding naturally with little interference. We want to capture all the raw emotions and moments that happen organically, in order to capture each couple’s unique story and not just creating our own. We aim to be in the right places at the right times, which does come with a bit of planning. We like to meet up before the wedding to chat through details and get a real understanding and feel of the big day.
To have a more in depth look into how we work, check out this link:

What type of equipment do you use?

We film with Sony cameras and operate mainly with fast prime lenses to add depth to our style. We try to shoot with a minimal setup in order to: a) be discreet and b) to be mobile and flexible to move around easily and fast! We prefer to use monopods throughout the day and tripods if we are filming statically for a period of time (e.g. the ceremony).

Audio is also a very important part of our equipment. We like to mic up the speakers when possible to be able to capture crisp audio to be used for narration in our story telling (and for clear vocals in full length ceremony and speech films).
For editing, we use an iMac and premiere pro.

Do you shoot in HD? What format with the final version be in?

At a minimum we shoot in HD – our cameras shoot in 4k which is our preferred setting as this is the best available option for those beautiful shots that we want to capture. We often deliver our final film in full HD as 4k TVs and monitors are not the norm quite yet! On request though we can deliver a 4K video.

What can you offer couples? Can they customise the package with you?

We start you off with what we think is a great package, with the option for couples to add in extra bits as they wish. We aim to be as flexible as possible and can customise a package that is perfect for each couple.

Our signature package includes: A pre-wedding consultation (a coffee & chat!), full day coverage (from prep to dancing), one fully edited beautiful and cinematic highlight film (the best bit!) and one USB beautifully packaged and delivered.

Our most popular add-ons are: Ceremony in full, speeches in full and first dance in full but we are always keen to hear other ideas.

What parts of the day do you usually capture?

In short…everything! Our view is that the whole story is needed to be captured in order to retell an accurate portrayal of the day. We like to be with you from bridal prep all the way through to the dancing. We do generally say coverage ends half an hour after the first dance, but if the party is rocking, we would love to capture that too!

How long does it take you to edit?

On average it takes up to 4 weeks to edit a film, but during busier periods, this can take between 4-8 weeks. However, we work hard to get your package delivered to you as soon as possible.

How long will the final version usually be?

The average length of our films is around the 7 minute mark, but this is just an average. We say a minimum of six, but we wouldn’t put a limit on the story. If there is a lot going on, then we will not be cutting bits out! We recommend that couples watch a few of our films to get a real feel about what we aim to achieve in a wedding highlight film.

All the additional ‘add-ons’ obviously speak for themselves.

How far in advance should couples book you?

We advise that couples book us as soon as they know they would like us to film their day. We only require a small deposit, but we do generally start filling spaces a year in advance.

What are your favourite trends?

As wedding videography has changed dramatically, and we have moved far away from the long 24hr VHS tape recordings, the trends that are still developing around the way in which we can capture cinematic footage excites us, from the available equipment to editing style! Nowadays being a wedding videographer is so much more creative than just filming everything from start to finish. Every company you will look at has its own style and personality and we believe the uniqueness of each videographer is something that has developed recently, and we love it when couples choose us based on how we recreate stories!

What are you expecting to see become more mainstream/more common in the next year or two?

We believe the growth of wedding videography will be the biggest change in the coming years. We are seeing the view and the desire of wedding videography increase and become more and more popular. The creativeness and the individuality of a wedding film is also expanding, offering so many different styles for couples to choose from.

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