Screenshot of a wedding at Notley Abbey by Mills Films

Mills Films

We are Tom & Sarah Mills and we are an award winning husband and wife team who are fascinated with creating beautiful films. We use the latest cameras, gimbals and technology, including a fully licensed and insured drone operator which really makes your wedding film stand out from the rest!

Sarah’s background is TV where she worked as an Assistant Producer self-shooting on many popular TV shows and Tom has always been into photography. We had our own wedding filmed which we absolutely loved and was one of the best purchases we made. This spurred on the start of our own wedding film company which has enabled us to film together all over the world!

Quick reference:
Where are you based? Chesham, Buckinghamshire
Twitter: millsfilmsuk
Facebook: millsfilmsuk
Favourite Bijou Venue: Notley Abbey
How many weddings do you do a year? No more than 35
Average price/cost: £2,000

Capturing a bride looking out of the window before her marriage
Mills Films capturing a beautiful wedding at Notley Abbey
Various parts of a wedding day captured by Mills Films across all four Bijou Wedding Venues
Wedding memories captured by Mills Films across each and every Bijou Wedding Venue
An aerial view of Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire, captured by Mills Films
Mills Films capturing memories at weddings across all Bijou Wedding Venues
Mills Films can capture emotion on video camera throughout your wedding day
Capturing families and friends at your wedding celebration across all of Bijou's Wedding Venues
Mills Films capturing memories throughout your wedding day
Capturing emotional moments on video camera from the start of your wedding celebration to the end
Mills Films can capture the emotions of your wedding on camera throughout your day
Mills Films can work with couples throughout their wedding day to produce an unforgettable memory on video

How would you describe your wedding videography style and what makes you unique?

We see too many cheesy wedding videos with nineties backing tracks, including random dissolves and transitions. We want to make you a high quality cinematic film of your day using the very latest technology and video production. We deliver three films that are diverse and offer you a truly unique perspective of your day. We give you the fun & funky, 45 second Instagram film, the emotional 5 minute highlights film for your friends and family and the full feature length film that covers everything that happened on your big day!

How would you describe your working style? Will you have an assistant on the day?

We are very aware that the natural shots are the best and we pride ourselves on working discreetly. Our feedback is dominated by people stating how amazing and covert we were on the day. We are like ninjas! There are times that our intervention is required to set up the best shots, but apart from that we fade into the background! 
What type of equipment do you use?
Depending on the package, we use anything between 3 and 5 UHD cameras and upwards of half a dozen microphones to ensure that the quality of the production is second to none. We have the top of the line equipment that is meticulously kept and updated when required. Being a fully licensed and insured aerial photographer, we also have two aerial drones to choose from. The importance of post production is something which can sometimes be overlooked. We edit and colour grade our films on state of the art Apple Macs with industry standard colour grading software – just to make the style of your wedding really suit you. People always take notice when we are wheeling our three or four bags worth of kit to and from weddings!

Do you shoot in HD? What format with the final version be in?

Our films are delivered in a minimum of 1080 HD, but we usually shoot in 4k to make sure the image is a crisp as it possibly can be! We deliver out films on personalized engraved USBs formatted to a file type that will work on any device, computer or TV alike.

What can you offer couples? Can they customise the package with you?

We have no hidden costs. If you hire us, you get us from bride and groom preparation to after the first dance. You can also add bespoke aerial footage to your film if you wish!

What parts of the day do you usually capture?

We capture everything in the wedding day from preparation to dancing. We leave no stone unturned as we find all the subtle idiosyncrasies that make your day individual and unique, as well as covering all the major aspects of the day that makes a wedding a wedding. On the ceremony and speeches there will be a minimum of three cameras trained on you to make sure we are capturing every little emotion from that special moment.

How long does it take you to edit?

Because of the extensive editing and colour grading that goes into the making of a breathtaking wedding film, we have a 6 to 8 week time frame to get your film perfected.

How long with the final version usually be?

We will provide three films. The fun and funky Instagram video is around 45 seconds, the Facebook highlights film for friends and family is around 5 minutes, and the full feature length film is anywhere between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the length of your ceremony and speeches.
How far in advance should couples book you?

We get booked up early so the earlier the better! Often wedding videography is seen as something to add on at a later date, but you would be amazed at the amount of people that we have to turn away because they try to book too late. 

What information do you need from the couple before the wedding day?

We know that wedding planning can be hectic, and we know that plans can change! Two weeks before the wedding date we will contact our couples for an itinerary of the day to make sure that we are prepared and covering all aspects of the wedding that they would like covered.

What are your favourite trends?

We are loving the short funky Instagram wedding films right now. In this digital age people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and to sum up all the fun of a wedding video in 45 seconds is a huge challenge and a fun one!

What are you expecting to see become more mainstream/more common in the next year or two?

Wedding films are looking more and more like full scale cinematic productions every year. The current state of the art gimbal technology and stabilisers that we use are becoming more and more common. It offers you as a consumer a great deal to get a fantastic wedding film! As long as we stay ahead of the game in our film making techniques then we can strive to be the best at what we do.

If you were getting married, how would you choose your wedding videographer?

Whoever you choose to go with, one piece of advice I can give you is this – definitely get a wedding videographer! It will be one of the best purchases you will make. 
When we watched our own wedding video back there was so much we missed from our day that we saw happening in our video. Photographs can’t take you back like the power of film can. 

Find a videographer that you like the look of and contact them to see what they are like. It is important you like the style of their films, and more importantly them as people! 
If you enjoy the style of our films or would like to meet us to talk about your wedding film please contact us.

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