Nicholas Hill Photography can work with Bijou wedding planning couples across any Bijou venue

Nicholas Hill Photography

My passion is wedding photography. I always awake on wedding day excited at what opportunities await me to produce something amazing for my couples. I apply my passion to each and every wedding and think it comes through in the quality and depth of the work I produce.

Quick reference:
Where are you based? Kent but travel throughout the UK.
Facebook: nicholashillweddingphotography
Favourite Bijou Wedding Venue: They are all just so stunning
How many weddings do you do a year? 50+
Average price/cost: £1650

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Nicholas Hill is recommended by Bijou as a wedding photographer

Tell us a little about yourself?
I consider myself to be very fortunate, 10 years ago I plucked up the courage to walk away from the comfort of a city job in search of something more fulfilling. My photography journey started through my travels and I soon realised I had a keen eye for producing compelling and beautiful images. My wedding photography draws upon the skills I mastered through landscape and travel documentary work. I am very fortunate to have been awarded an Associateship from the Royal Photographic Society for my work as well as winning numerous awards and having my work published in many books and periodicals.

How would you describe your wedding photography style and what makes you unique?
My work is bright and fresh. I am interested in producing work that will remain timeless and look as good in 20 years as it does today. I believe in finding a great balance between candid storytelling and producing more creative pieces for couples who like to be a little more adventurous. I tailor my approach to the needs of each couple.

How would you describe your working style?
My approach to the wedding day is to keep everyone as relaxed and comfortable as possible. As well as being the photographer I am also here to help. My couples are more than just clients and so I like to put my wedding day knowledge and experience to good use by helping to keep the wedding day on schedule. I am also pretty handy at fixing a wedding vail if it becomes loose.

Do you shoot digitally or with film? Or both?
I photograph everything digitally. We take a lot of pictures and digital allows us to do this. Typically over 2000 shots in a wedding day which is then culled and processed to around 500-700 wedding day photographs.This process would not be possible using film.

What type of equipment do you use?
I work solely with professional Canon equipment. I have also invested heavily in Profoto lighting equipment to ensure the wedding breakfast looks great during the speeches.

Do you shoot in colour and black and white?
Everything is shot in colour. If I have images that look great in b&w then I will present both versions. I am also able to taylor the styling to client requirements in my post production. For example sometimes I get requested to present a certain part of the days coverage in b&w.

What can you offer couples? Can they customise the package with you?
My approach is to be very comprehensive in the package I offer my couples. My main package includes a pre-shoot, 2nd photographer, and wedding album. It also includes coverage past first dance typically to around 9.30pm. I also offer a Photo Booth which can accommodate large groups of people. It is great fun and a wonderful evening icebreaker.

Do you include an engagement shoot?
I consider an engagement shoot to be something essential for couples. It is designed to allow you to see how I work and learn a few basics that will make you feel much more comfortable on the day.

How long after the wedding will the couple receive their proofs?
My typical delivery is less than 7 days.All images are delivered electronically via online wedding gallery and can be downloaded at full resolution.

How far in advance should couples book you?
I would recommend a couple to book their wedding photographer as soon as possible. Like great venues good photographers get booked a long way in advance, typically most of my couples book me not long after securing their venue.

What information do you need from the couple before the wedding day?
Once a couple book me they will be added to my client management system and start to receive emails on a regular basis in the run up to the wedding. I like to share my thoughts and ideas on preparation. I find my couples appreciate as much input as possible. Information such as planning for a wedding day timeline and preparing for formal group shots.The best advise I can give is that planning is the key to a great wedding day.

What are you expecting see more mainstream/more common in the next year or two?
I think aerial photography will start to become more mainstream as it will open up many creative opportunities when done properly.

If you were getting married, how would you choose your wedding photographer?
This is an easy one and something I tell each and every client I meet. Find a professional who you trust to get the images you want. You also need to find someone who you can connect with on a personal level. It is so important that they are able to make you feel comfortable in order to get the best photography.

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