The Vernon Sisters are a singing trio of real life sisters who can perform jazz songs across all of the Bijou wedding venues

The Vernon Sisters

The Vernon Sisters are a unique harmony trio and have been professional since 2000. These real-life sisters are accomplished vocalists and talented musicians. As well as being consummate entertainers, they are genuinely lovely girls who have a real passion for what they do. 

Quick reference:
Where are you based? We are happy to travel all over the UK
Twitter: @vernonsisters
Facebook: thevernonsisters
Favourite Bijou Venue: We love them all!
How many weddings do you do a year? We do approximately 160 events a year and around 70 of these are weddings
Average price/cost:  We offer various combinations and performances – please get in touch to chat about how we can help add some musical sparkle to your special day!

The Vernon Sisters are a singing swing and jazz group
The Vernon Sisters are a group of sisters who can perform at weddings across all Bijou wedding venues
The Vernon Sisters can perform a number of different tracks on your wedding day
The Vernon Sisters can perform across all of the different Bijou Wedding Venues
The Vernon Sisters can perform songs of your choice across all of the Bijou wedding venues
The Vernon Sisters are able to perform a variety of different style of music, from jazz to motown and more
The Vernon Sisters can offer a variety of different styles when it comes to entertaining your wedding guests
The Vernon Sisters can perform big band style songs at your wedding
The Vernon Sisters can perform a variety of different songs across all of the Bijou wedding venues

Tell us a little about what you have to offer? 
Over the years, we’ve been asked by our brides to create different shows and entertainment combinations. So, we’ve designed a selection of performances with varying tempos and genres, to suit different parts of your wedding day. For example, for your champagne reception you may want sophisticated, ambient Jazz. Whereas, during your evening entertainment, you know you want the dance floor full and a party atmosphere!

We perform Classical Concert harp, to Easy Listening, Jazz, 1920’s, Swing & Jive and Motown - there’s a lot to choose from. Every bride has a vision of their wedding day and we’d be really happy to have a chat with you to see if we can help you fulfil this.

How would you describe your style and what makes you unique? 
We suppose what makes us unique is that we’re real sisters who play instruments and sing. We offer a wide variety of shows as a trio or with a live backing band and with dancers too! We would describe our style as ‘sophisticated vintage’.

What have been your favourite performances?
Well, we’ve been very lucky to share the stage with some amazing entertainers such as Will Young, ABC, Hot Chocolate and Beverly Knight at various corporate and charity events. Meeting HRH Duke of Edinburgh was fun, although trying to sing, play and speak to him at the same time was quite a challenge!

Although we also perform at exciting high-profile events, we actually prefer weddings! They’re so much more personal and we love that we’re close to our audience and can interact with them. Being part of a couple’s wedding day is something special.

Can couples come and see you perform live before booking you?  
Yes - we attend Bijou’s fab ‘Wedding Planning Wednesdays’ whenever we can – it would be great to meet you and have a chat about your entertainment ideas, you can also hear us sing live. Simply get in touch to find out about the next one we’re attending.

Do you take requests?
We do – if it is already in our repertoire, we would be happy to perform it for you. We would ask for notice to rehearse and arrange the music for songs that we haven’t performed before (charges may be applicable).  

Do you have a dress code?
We have a range of costumes from fun 1950’s circle dresses, cute vintage military-style outfits, to 1920’s Flapper dresses and huge beehives for our Motown show! Or if you prefer sophistication and simplicity: long, black evening gowns.

How long is your set?
This varies from 2 songs during a wedding ceremony, to a 2x45 minute cabaret spot.  

We’re very flexible and like to make things as easy as possible for our brides – we’re happy to give you our recommendations, but if you already know what you want we’ll try our best to fit in with you.

If you were getting married, what would be your idea of ultimate entertainment?
Oooh…what a question! Well, there are 3 of us, with quite different ideas, here are some of our favourites….Gospel choir, Bette Midler, Swing band and Michael Buble

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