Ben Williams from Unbelievable Magic can perform across all four of Bijou's country house wedding venues

Unbelievable Magic

Hi! I am Ben! I am a full time close up magician that specialises in wedding and corporate entertainment. I love performing magic as I love to create memories for people. I have always been fascinated by how many people remember great magic for their whole lives. That is what I thrive on, creating moments and memories that can last a lifetime, and what better time to create memories like that, than at a wedding.

Quick reference:

Where are you based? Surrey
Instagram: Unbelievablemagic
Facebook: theoneandonlymagicben
Favourite Bijou Venue: Cain Manor, although Botley’s Mansion is sublime!
How many weddings do you do a year? 30 - 40
Average price/cost: £450

Ben Williams from Unbelievable Magic can entertain your wedding guests throughout the night by performing tricks
Unbelievable Magic are able to perform magic across all Bijou's country house wedding venues
Hire a magician to entertain your guests at your country house wedding in Surrey
Hire a wedding magician to entertain your guests during your summer wedding reception

How would you describe your style and what makes you unique?
My style is warm and fun. I am not just about showing trick after trick to people, I want my magic to be more personal. I find the best way to do this is to adapt to everyone around me, this lets me build rapport and really make an impact. I also helped build Europe’s largest internet magic store over the past ten years so I have had a behind the scenes look at magic for over a decade and learned many things that other magicians can only dream of.

I also provide a service to do personalised magic, so magic with photos of you and your partner, performing with a deck of cards with your names and wedding date printed on the backs of the cards, I have guests write messages on these cards as I perform with them and you receive that in the post after the event as a unique type of guestbook to cherish. Please contact me to ask more about this.

Can couples come and see you perform live before booking you?
I do not have a residency at a restaurant or other public venue but I will be attending many Bijou Wedding Planning Wednesdays in the future. If you know you will be at a particular Wedding Planning Wednesday and wish to see me, please send me a message and I will be more than happy to make sure I am there.

Do you have a dress code?
I am always dressed in a great suit, I do not wear a costume or sparkly tie!

How long is your set?
I work a little differently to other magicians. I do not charge by the hour, I will always make sure if you want me for your drinks reception and wedding breakfast that I will be there for the duration of that service. Although Bijou are amazing at organising the day, things can happen and timings can over-run, the last thing you want is your entertainment leaving as their allotted time is up. I offer different packages to suit different requirements you may have for your day.

If you could perform for any celebrity, who would it be for and why? 
Elon Musk, he has an incredible vision for this world and I admire his ability to say, ‘it may not be possible at the moment, but I will make it possible’ to anything.

How far in advance should couples book you?
I would say, in all honesty, if you know you wish to book me, or you are almost certain then I would get in touch asap. My calendar can fill up quickly on popular dates throughout the year. If you do not want to book just yet but are interested I can always put a mark in my calendar on your day and notify you should another booking come up on the same day so you get first refusal.

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