Richard Sully is a specialist event pianist

Richard Sully

The addition of live music before and during the ceremony will give your wedding service an extra dimension. Tailor the music to be played to suit your personal taste by choosing your favourite songs to be played as your guests await the arrival of the bride. We can help you decide upon music suitable for the bride's arrival and the bride and groom's departure from the ceremony room as well as 2/3 pieces to be played during the signing of the register. 
Having piano music played during your drinks' reception after your Ceremony sets a congenial atmosphere as your guests chat. In this informal setting, your guests might like to request their favourite songs to be played. 

Quick reference:

Where are you based?
Lambourn, West Berkshire
Facebook: Richard Sully Piano  Musician/Band 
Favourite Bijou Venue: Notley Abbey
How many weddings do you do a year? Around 100
Average price/cost: £395-495

Richard is an expert wedding pianist
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Tell us a little about yourself?
I’ve been playing professionally since leaving university 25 years ago. I spent many years as resident pianist at London’s Savoy Hotel and have worked all over the world in a freelance capacity. I recently played for the wedding of George Clooney by special request.

How would you describe your style and what makes you unique?
The thing I like to think makes me unique is the mix of songs you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a wedding pianist, a mix of traditional standards with up to date chart songs. I never use sheet music, everything is performed from memory which gives the music a sense of flow which many musicians find difficult.

Can couples come and see you perform live before booking you?
Most of my work these days is freelance private work though I can easily recommend one regular place I play in Berkshire where couples can, and very often do, stop by to hear me before making a booking.

Do you take requests?
Absolutely I do take requests, I have around 1000 songs in my head fully rehearsed and up to speed. Most people find it difficult to catch me out with ‘main stream’ popular material. Requests are most definitely my thing!!

Do you have a dress code?
For a wedding, always a suit with shirt and tie, from time to time black evening suit with bow tie.

How long is your set?
Depends on what the requirement is, I play a minimum of three hours and maximum of just over four hours.

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