Charlotte Munro can alter wedding dresses bought from The Bijoutique designer wedding dress shop in Surrey

Charlotte Garratt Seamstress

Charlotte Garratt is a bespoke wedding dress designer who also offers an alteration service to designer wedding dresses. 

Quick Reference:

Where are you based? Sutton, Surrey 
Twitter: @C_Bridal
Facebook: CharlotteGarrattCouture
Favourite Bijou Venue: Botleys Mansion
How many weddings do you do a year? 10
Average price/cost: Alteration prices start at £100, but on average the are £150

Designer wedding dress alterations by Charlotte Munro for Bijou Wedding Venues
Couture wedding gown designed by Charlotte Munro, who also does wedding dress alterations

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I am a bespoke wedding dresses designer and also offer alterations services 

How long have you been a seamstress for?  
7 years

Are you happy to alter any style of wedding dress?

How much notice do you need in order to alter a wedding dress?  
Ideally 6-8 weeks before the wedding date

Are you happy to re-style a wedding dress from any designer?

Do you work with all types of material?

Are you happy for brides to visit you in order to explain exactly what they need in terms of re-styling?

Do you alter bridesmaids dresses and mother of the brides outfits as well?
Yes, but the prices would not change.

Every request will be different, but on average, how long does it take to modify a wedding dress?
Fitting in around my schedule, between 1 and 3 weeks

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