UK Events Ltd.

UK Events Ltd is one of the largest specialist event hire companies in the UK.

Quick reference:

Where are you based? Wokingham, Berkshire
Twitter: @UKEventsLtd
Facebook: ukeventsltd
How many weddings do you do a year? Over 300

Tell us a little about yourself?

We are also one of the largest dance floor suppliers in the UK. We service many venues and event companies throughout the UK, creating a well-earned reputation for expert service and quality of product. Now in our 6th year, we have rapidly grown into the first choice supplier for many of the UK’s largest event production companies. How would you describe your style and what makes you unique? We are unique purely in our service. Second to none, we have a very happy client base commenting on our excellent communication, clarity of operation, industry knowledge and ease of booking. We hold all of our own stock and therefore are very reasonably priced.

When should a couple book you?

We advise that you book our services as soon as you have decided on your requirements. We do have a very large stock of equipment, but we do work on a first come, first served basis. To avoid disappointment during busy periods, our advice is to book as soon as you can. Do you come out to see the venue? We do provide clients with site visits, where required. This depends on individual circumstances and the complexity of the booking. Simple products like dance floors and uplighters would not require a site visit, due to their versatile nature. Starclothing large areas and providing intelligent effect lighting (like moving heads), may require a site visit. Do you hire the equipment or arrive at the venue on the day and dress the room on the couples’ behalf? We are a product hire company that will deliver, install and collect the products you require. We do also provide on-site operators, where required.

What would be your top tips for couples considering venue enhancement?

Our biggest tip would be to not overlook dance floors and uplighters. These are often left until last and are sometimes believed to be an unjustifiable expense. Uplighters and dance floors can create room transformations themselves. Our Battery Powered LED Uplighters can be placed anywhere and achieve any colour. These can have a very cost-effective and dramatic effect on the whole ambiance of the function room. Alternatively, they can be used to simply accentuate features of the function space and tie in with your colour scheme. Dance Floors are not only a focal point and look beautiful, but build an air of excitement and encouragingly invite your guests to dance. With such an array of choice available, we can certainly provide a dance floor that suits your theme and your tastes.

What are you expecting see more mainstream/more common in the next year or two?

LED LOVE Letters. These giant light-up letters began popping up everywhere last year and we are expecting the demand to increase this year. Due to this instant demand, we have purchased some ourselves. The magic of ours is that they can link to the dance floor controller, allowing the LEDs to twinkle, fade and flash in sequence with those on the dance floor.

If you were getting married, how would you create the ultimate atmosphere in your venue?

Entrance Décor First impressions are very important and can often set your guests’ expectations for the rest of the evening. Therefore, I would have outdoor uplighters to light the frontage of the venue, coupled with a Red VIP Carpet leading the guests inside. Staging A stage is a brilliant way of creating a focal point for the evening’s entertainment. Whether you have a DJ, a Band or both, a well-dressed stage is a beautiful touch. Staging is often also used to provide extra focus to the head table. Perimeter Wash Lighting Immersive experiences are always remembered. I would achieve this with lighting by having moving head wash light units on dressed plinths around the room. This will give a wash of colour across the room or dancing area, adding to the effects coming from the lighting rig that are directed on the dance floor. Dance Floor I would have the classic White LED Starlit Dance Floor. This not only gives a classic look, but will pick up all the lighting from around the room and give a stunning, colourful effect. LED Cocktail Bar Some venues have the bar in another room. This can kill the atmosphere in the main area, as people are constantly moving from room to room. Having a bar in the same room does make a massive difference. Our LED Bars are not only practical, but also visually stunning. Even with venues that have the bar in the same room, this modular LED Bar can be just used as a small cocktail/champagne bar, or even as an exciting soft drinks bar for younger guests. LED Uplighters Uplighters provide ambiance to a function room and can be used to change or accentuate any features. This is a very effective finishing touch to any function space. Our new battery powered wireless uplighters can not only now go anywhere, but can also be wirelessly controlled. This means that once the party starts, these can be manipulated to further add to the immersive lighting effects.

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