Charlotte Munro offers an expert wedding styling service across all of Bijou's country house wedding venues

Charlotte Munro Wedding Stylist

Charlotte Munro is a wedding venue stylist. Charlotte has a wealth of experience when it comes to weddings and would be delighted to meet with you in order to discuss your dream wedding style, regardless of how simple or extravagant it is.  

Quick reference:

Where are you based? We are based in Surrey & London
Instagram: @MissMunroStylist
Facebook: Miss Munro Stylist
Pinterest: @MunroStylist
How many weddings do you do a year? 20
Average price/cost: £1800

Charlotte Munro can suggest creative designs and ideas for your wedding venue
Charlotte Munro has a wealth of experience when it comes to styling wedding venues
Charlotte Munro will work with you at your wedding venue to make it your dream style
Charlotte Munro is a wedding venue stylist,covering all of the Bijou exclusive use wedding venues
Charlotte Munro can chat to you about your specific wedding day visions

How would you describe your style and what makes you unique? 
As well as styling your special day I also work with magazines, designers and photographers styling photo shoots, this means I know the industry inside and out, and am able to visualize how the styling will be seen from all angles, including in your pictures! Being a wedding stylist means that I can help you with all aspects of your wedding, from the design of the stationery to dress shopping and finding the right accessories for you look, not just venue styling.  

When should a couple book you?
6-18 months in advance of the wedding is ideal, although I can accommodate the occasional last minute booking!

Do you come out to see the wedding venue? 
Yes, after an initial consultation I would be happy to do a venue visit to plan your styling ideas.

Do you hire the equipment or arrive at the venue on the day and dress the room on the couples’ behalf?
I offer on the day styling and co-ordination and can liaise with the venue and suppliers to ensure the set-up runs smoothly.

What would be your top tips for couples considering venue enhancement?
My top tip would be to work with the environment as much as possible and take into consideration your venues natural characteristics, the age of the venue, whether it is country, urban, modern or vintage, and build from there. Consideration of lighting is a great option for instant venue enhancement, strategically placed up-lighters can enhance a beautiful ceiling and create atmosphere. Foliage can also instantly change a space, soften a room and bring the outdoors inside.

What are you expecting see more mainstream/more common in the next year or two?
•    Flowers walls are gaining popularity, they are a great statement piece and perfect for groups shoots or behind a photo booth! 
•    Dessert tables are increasingly popular and a great way to display your cake whilst being a talking point for guests too.
•    Natural foliage and unstructured floral styles are making an appearance, think wildflower garden. 

If you were getting married, how would you create the ultimate atmosphere in your venue?
I am a big advocate of good lighting and I love foliage and fresh florals. My style would be a midsummer’s night’s dream, full of fresh greens, delicate florals, and strategic lighting! 

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