Venue styling by Ambience available at all Bijou Wedding Venues

Ambience Venue Styling

We offer an original and bespoke service that is high in quality and originality, adapting to each couple’s unique style and working with them on a one to one basis in order to create that dream look for their special day. 

Where are you based? We are based in Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Berkshire and can cover all 4 Bijou Wedding Venues throughout the year
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How many weddings do you do a year? Approximately 45
Average price/cost: Average cost around 2k

Spring wedding decor designed by Ambience Venue Styling; an expert recommended by Bijou Wedding Venues
Autumnal wedding decor that can be created at any Bijou Wedding Venue
Ambience Venue Styling is available to decorate any Bijou Wedding Venue
Gorgeous wedding venue decoration and styling by Ambience available at all Bijou Wedding Venues

How would you describe your style and what makes you unique? 
We offer a free non obligatory styling consultation at a place and time that is convenient for you. Flexibility is key as we know how busy life can get planning a wedding.
We love design and ever changing popular styles, so we pride ourselves on being up to date with our knowledge of current trends but also love the traditional, simple and elegant styles that are timeless.

When should a couple book you?
Ideally between 4 and 18 months in advance of your special day.

Do you hire the equipment or arrive at the venue on the day and dress the room on the couples’ behalf?
We dress your venue for you at a time to suit you and the wedding coordinator.

What are you expecting see more mainstream/more common in the next year or two?
Sequin linens
Neutral colours
Relaxed kinfolk styling 
Flowing elegant fabrics

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