Luxury wedding cakes by GC Couture

GC Couture

GC Couture are a London-based luxury wedding cake supplier serving 5-star wedding venues and prestige hotels, as well as wedding planning couples in the UK and internationally who are looking for exquisite wedding cakes that offer a culinary cake sensation rich in both flavour and design.

Quick reference:

Where are you based? Mayfair, London
Twitter: @gcakescouture
Instagram: @gccouture
Facebook: /GCakescouture/
Favourite Bijou Venue? Botleys Mansion due to its wonderful grounds, amazing interiors, and fabulous rooms
How many weddings do you supply a year? We cater for up to 100 weddings a year 
Average price/cost: There is never an average wedding cake. Different styles dictate the cost but starting prices for our bespoke cakes start from £600  

A luxurious tiered wedding cake by GC Couture
A unique wedding cake by GC Couture
A pink, tiered wedding cake by GC Couture
GC Couture put fine details on all of their luxury wedding cakes
A selection of elegant wedding cakes by GC Couture
An elegant wedding cake design by GC Couture
Elegant wedding cakes designed by GC Couture
A square wedding cake design by GC Couture
A tall wedding cake design by GC Couture
An elegant wedding cake topper by GC Couture
A luxurious wedding cake designed by GC Couture
A 5-tier wedding cake by GC Couture
A collection of glamorous wedding cakes by GC Couture

Tell us a little bit about yourselves...
The company is owned by award-winning cake designer Marie Sinclair and her partner Sach Singh, together with their talented team of cake designers and sugar-craft artists. Marie is passionate about creating edible works of art as well as innovating delicious recipes.

GC Couture prides itself on offering first-class customer service, working closely with hotels and venues as well as wedding planning couples themselves. 

How long have you been designing wedding cakes for?
We have been designing wedding cakes since 2009. Initially a home based business, the company has now grown to 14 members in the team and we have recently opened a showroom in Mayfair, London. It’s a journey we are very proud of and we welcome wedding planning couples to be part of our journey going forward.

What three recommendations would you suggest to couples when it comes to choosing a wedding cake? 
When choosing a wedding cake, the first thing to consider is the flavour. Trying out cake flavours should be one of the most enjoyable wedding planning experiences. Don't be afraid to try flavours that are outside of your current favourites; you may be surprised by flavours you might have originally dismissed.

The second thing to consider is the various dietary and religious requirements of you and your guests. When you are sending out your wedding invitations it's common practice to ask for any special dietary requirements to be stated by your guests on their RSVP's. So,if you have many guests who have a particular dietary requirement they too can be catered for, whether it's a gluten-free, vegan, low sugar or vegan cake option.

However, we find that the most important thing when it comes to ordering your cake is to choose a design that really speaks to both of you and fits with your personality and taste. There is nothing better than putting your feet up at the end of your wedding day and tucking into a delicious slice of your wedding cake

How far in advance should couples order their wedding cake? 
Typically we suggest up to 12 months in advance,  but no less then 3 months.

Do you have a best seller, and if so, what cake is it?
Our best sellers are floral designs, especially cascading sugar flowers 

Do you offer a variety of wedding cake flavours?
At GC Couture we offer up to 16 wedding cake flavours including all dietary requirements.
Our delicious wedding cake flavours include: Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Nutella, Green Tea, Cookies & Cream, Lemon, Salted Caramel, Cherry Bakewell, Chocolate & Orange, White Chocolate & Cranberry, Strawberry & Champagne, Mint Chocolate Chip, Carrot & Walnut, Coconut & Lime and Raspberry Ripple.

Are people still ordering traditional wedding cakes or are people going down an alternative route?
Traditional wedding cakes are here to stay but with a twist, alternative flavours on each tier is a great idea when it comes to pleasing your entire guest list. 

Do you offer a bespoke wedding cake service if couples have their own vision of wedding cake design?
We are very flexible in our approach and would welcome couples who have their own vision. With our experience we can guide the couples to design something extra special for their wedding day.

What are you favourite wedding cake trends?Pastel colours such as pinks, corals, yellows, baby blues and mint greens are always a popular choice. Pastels are so pleasing to the eye, and so much can be done in terms of the style and design of cake. They can act as a canvas on which to place a couple's own thoughts or they can look classic and elegant as they are.

If you could create and design a wedding cake for any celebrity couple, who would it be for and why?     
Victoria & David Beckham; sophisticated style icons with an elegant and timeless presence. The GC team would embrace and enjoy every moment of the design process.

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