Chateau du Bijou is the location of Bijoufest in Provence


The Chateau du Bijou, from whence Bijou Weddings takes its name, is a stunning French countryside residence nestled in the foothills of the Alps in the Rhone Valley. It is surrounded by incredibly rural and rustic French countryside charm - think lavender, olive trees and the fresh scent of Provencale pines occasionally wafting up from a few miles south.

The Chateau, during the summer months, hosts the inimitable BijouFest - the Chateau du Bijou Summer Festival of Life, Healthy Living and General Awesomeness. BijouFest is a collection of week-long, all-inclusive luxury activity holidays, each of which has a different focus activity - from Yoga to Cookery - led by one or more of our BijouFest Gurus. These guys and girls are experts in their fields and are supported by the in-house team and facilities at the Chateau in the planning and provision of a truly spectacular holiday experience for all BijouFest guests.

Plenty of exercise to be had at Bijoufest
Home cooked food at Bijoufest in Provence

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