Arriving in Style

While it’s easy to forget when you are thinking about venues, dresses, guest lists and cakes, your arrival will make a big impact on the rest of the day – it’s the first time everyone sees you!

Whatever your mode of transport, start looking early! Once you decide upon the date, time, venue, and, if you’re having one, the theme, you should also think about transport.

When it comes to booking your wedding wheels, you can't go wrong by hiring a sleek classic car or Rolls Royce. But there are plenty of other options too: You can ferry your guests around in a much-loved Routemaster bus, while you and your dad ride to the ceremony in a helicopter or horse and carriage.

If you choose to go with an open top car or a horse drawn carriage, make sure the vehicle has an easily closing roof in case it rains and if your wedding is in winter, remember, it may get chilly so make sure you have a shawl or faux fur wrap ready and waiting inside – feeling freezing is never pleasant, no matter how gorgeous your wedding dress!

If possible, rehearse getting in and out of your mode of transport, making sure there is enough space inside for the your train and veil (if you have them) and dress.

Don’t be pressured by convention. If you want to arrive on horse back or hot air balloon then do it! Be sure to plan any unconventional means of transport well in advance so that you have a chance to find suppliers, check the feasibility of your dream transport and make alternative plans if there are any problems. Whilst you may be delighted to travel in something a little strange, don’t forget to make sure the best man makes appropriate arrangements for the bridal party and any other guests that may need help with transport.