Wedding favours - an introduction

Favours are a tradition which has been both exaggerated and ignored, in fashion and out over the years. In Europe the traditional gifts that the family give to guests at the wedding would be sugared almonds or some local delicacy to say thank you for travelling to the wedding. They were always intended to be taken away by the guest as a memento of the Day and often the packaging was as significant as the gift inside.

Favours are gifts to the guests from the newlywed couple

Nowadays couples may consider that the hospitality extended is already sufficient and may ignore favours altogether. But others will want to include some memento and will usually put the favours on the place setting of the meal.
The list below includes some of the more usual – for the wacky and most recent please see the Bespoke by Bijou ‘latest ideas page’.
Brooches on napkins for the ladies
Cigars for the chaps
Tiny birdcages with sugared almonds or other sweets
See through cornet of traditional sweets
Lollipop or macaroon (in cellophane)
Miniature bottle of liqueur (check corkage arrangements with venue)
Box with profiterole
Small fabric bag with edible goodies