The speeches - an introduction

Ideally, a Toastmaster or MC will introduce your speeches but if this is not available make sure that each speaker introduces the next.

Planning your speech before the wedding day is HIGHLY recommended

Like every other aspect of the day it is beneficial if the speeches are planned and each speaker understands what the allocated time-slot is.

Traditionally for a typical English wedding the speeches happen at the end of the meal in the order of:

  • Father/Relative of the Bride
  • Groom
  • Best Man

But nowadays there are many variations of this relating to cultural, comfort and customised considerations. Scope to vary speeches includes –

  • Having speeches before the meal so that speakers get to enjoy eating
  • Broken up through the meal so that guests don’t have one long slug of listening
  • Brides Mum wants to say a few words
  • Bride wants to be heard too.
  • Other guests (American-style) stand up to make their contribution
  • Scandinavian guests bring presents and personally give them to the couple at this juncture

What follows is the more traditional element -

Father of the Bride

Thanks the guests for coming
Says a few heartwarming words about his daughter and welcomes the groom into the family
Proposes a toast to the happy couple

The Groom

Thanks the father of the Bride for his speech (and the parents for the wedding if appropriate) and the toast
Explains how happy he is to be married to his beautiful new wife
Proposes a toast to the ‘beautiful bridesmaids’ and thanks groomsmen etc. Gives out any thank you bouquets or presents.

The Best Man (or woman)

Responds on behalf of the Bridesmaids
Says a few words about the Groom (not always the most flattering)
Calls for the Bride and Groom to cut the cake.
Announces what happens next.