Fireworks - need to know

Couples who wish to include fireworks in their wedding entertainment will need to think through some serious factors and although most of these will be highlighted by a reputable firework company not all operators in this sector volunteer all the information.

Timing – remember that most displays will be shown off to best advantage if it is dark. Check sunset times for your day and work forward from there.
Weather – consider the ramifications of wind, rain etc. Will your guests need clothing/umbrellas/footwear to ‘cope comfortably’?
Legal constraints – there are a few days in the year when restrictions are lifted but unless you are getting married on one of these days you will need to make sure that you finish by 11pm.
Venue stipulations – check that the relevant local authority allows your venue to have fireworks – some local and district councils who ban fireworks because of environmental issues that have nothing to do with your wedding but will impact it nonetheless.
Insurance – most venues will specify the level of cover required. Don’t assume that your operator will automatically meet this requirement. All reputable venues will insist that you use a professional company to set the fireworks off. A member of your party who has ‘done it before’ will probably not qualify!
Clearing up – make sure that either your operator comes back the next day to clear the debris or that you find a groomsman to take on this task. Post-event clean up charges CAN be avoided!

Make sure that your venue will allow these inside if this is your plan. A lot of venues have banned them altogether because they are virtually un-insurable and can be lethal.
Table linen replacement is something you need to think about if your venue says it will ‘look the other way’!

The Law and Health and Safety 
Fireworks suffer in the new world of environmental health and health and safety rules. They are both a potential noise nuisance and a hazard to urban and rural neighbourhoods alike. Insurance will protect you from some of the downsides but read all the small print on the supplier’s indemnity details.