Webcam Weddings

With a webcam set up at your wedding venue, friends and family will be able to witness your nuptials from around the world. 

Botleys Mansion offers the facility of a live webcam

Wedding Venues with Webcams

We’d all love to invite every aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, plus one and more to celebrate the special day, but sometimes wedding budgets just don’t allow it. However, have you considered choosing a wedding venue with a webcam facility? That way, you'll be able to invite friends and family members from around the world to view and witness those all important ‘I dos’ via without having to pay the hefty flight fare or travel if they aren't in the best condition. Will you be choosing a wedding venue with a webcam facility?


When visiting your wedding venue, be sure to ask whether or not they have a webcam system set up already for use during your ceremony; if they don't, would you be allowed to bring your own so that you can tie the knot in front of however many guests you desire? 

If relatives in Australia just can’t make the long journey over to the UK for your wedding or you’ve got friends away on holiday who have declined your wedding invitation, they’ll love the fact that they can log in to view your wedding as if they were in the room with you. Even a guest who may have unfortunately fallen ill on the day of your wedding and can’t make it at the last minute will be able to view your big day from the comfort of their sick-bed.

If you do have friends or family members watching from abroad, you’ll even be able to give them a wave so that they know that they really are included in your all important wedding day.

What Can They See?

A wedding venue webcam won't be able to show friends and family at home every element of your day - for that you would need to hire a wedding videographer and show them the footage of your wedding at a later date. They will, however, if you give them access, be able to see the main parts of your wedding day, such as the following: 

  • Wedding ceremony
  • Wedding banquet
  • Wedding speeches
  • Cutting of the cake (if held in the same room as the webcam - sometimes this is not the case)
  • First dance
  • Evening entertainment 

The webcams are set up in clever angles, whoever is watching through them can clearly see what is going on. 

Switching Off the Webcam

We understand that some couples may wish to keep their day private. If you decide that you do not wish to have the webcam facility switched on during your wedding ceremony or reception for guests unable to attend, the function can be requested to be switched off. If you have not shared a login password with anyone, they won't be able to login and see anything regardless.