Post-wedding blues

So you’re back from your honeymoon, the wedding cards and gifts have been opened, the thank you letters have been written, the photos have been ordered and the tans are fading fast!

Ban the post-wedding blues

Suddenly you find you have nothing to do. After all those months of discussions, planning, being creative and generally getting excited it can feel as if there is nothing to look forward to do and you can be left feeling empty and sad.  

This is not uncommon amongst newlyweds, particularly brides, but a little forethought and planning can make a big difference to the next few months. It’s all too easy to focus your time and energy on the big day and forget about the happily ever after. 

Try to make some plans for activities after the wedding and get some dates booked in your diary, whether it’s meeting up with friends and family, theatre trips or just rearranging your furniture. Make sure you make these plans before the wedding so that as soon as you are back from your honeymoon you will have things to look forward to, other than the dreaded unpacking and washing! 

And try to delay going back to work for a day or two after your return from honeymoon. Post Wedding Blues are bad enough but add in ‘post holiday blues’ and you’re heading for a crash. 

Although it’s vital for you and your new husband or wife to keep separate   interests, it’s also a good idea to develop a new hobby or pastime that you can enjoy together, be it ballroom dancing, art appreciation or free-fall parachuting (!) Again, plan this and book something up before the wedding so that even while you are on your honeymoon you can start to look forward to something new. 

It’s quite common nowadays for couples to delay their honeymoon for several months, opting for a “Minimoon” instead. This means that you can have a short break to catch your breath after the wedding but still have a big holiday to look forward to later and you can re-channel your planning skills from the wedding to the honeymoon. This will also give you a chance to save up for the honeymoon. One of the biggest triggers of post wedding blues is that moment when you realise just how much you spent on that one day, which is over all too soon, so delaying having to pay for a honeymoon too might help to ease the burden.

Arrange a regular date night for just the two of you, for a specific day of each week or month and take it in turns to plan this. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive but will give you a chance to spend some time together and remember why you decided to get married in the first place.

And remember, the wedding day isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning of the rest of your lives together and you will always have the memories of the best wedding you have ever been to!