Most Memorable Wedding Moments

A collection of quotes from newlywed brides and grooms, on the most memorable moments of their wedding day. 

The first kiss as husband and wife will be a memorable moment of a wedding day

There are so many wonderful moments that take place during a wedding day and even though the day will go by in a flash, there will be some moments that will stand out and be remembered more than others. Your wedding photographer and/or videographer will be on hand to capture the day in its entirety, but the memories in print or on film may not compare to the emotional memories that you’ll savour in your mind forever. To get you excited for your own special day, we asked newlywed brides and grooms to share their most memorable wedding moments with us. 

Bride: Julia 
Wedding Venue: Cain Manor
Wedding Date: 3rd November, 2016 

"Walking in the ceremony room and seeing James for the first time. I couldn't wait to see him and when I did, I couldn't stop smiling, he looked so handsome and the look on his face was magic too – I’ve never felt so pretty :-)"

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Bride: Dayna 
Wedding Venue: Cain Manor 
Wedding Date: 6th April, 2017

"The weather was amazing from the morning of the wedding until the minute we got home from the mini moon four days later. The most memorable moment for us is that we were able to laugh throughout the day, including whilst saying our vows."

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Bride: Gemma 
Wedding Venue: Notley Abbey 
Wedding Date: 22nd December, 2016

"For me it was the moment that Joss and I stood in front of all of our friends, family and wedding guests and watched the firework display. It was really lovely to just take a moment for us two and reflect on how amazing the day had been so far. Even though there was 150 people standing behind us it felt like it was just us two and a display of epic fireworks."

Groom: Joss

"It is hard to single out just one memorable moment from a day that was filled with them but there’s nothing that compares to the feeling of seeing your beautiful wife-to-be at the end of the aisle. All of the years of being together, months of planning and minutes of nervous excitement build up to an unforgettable and overwhelming moment that will never leave me."

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Bride: Caitlin
Wedding Venue: Silchester House 
Wedding Date: 31st March, 2017 

"It was the most beautiful wedding venue and with all the décor we added it truly was everything we envisioned and hoped for. All our guests said it was an amazing day and venue!"

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Bride: Naomi
Wedding Venue: Cain Manor
Wedding Date: 24th March, 2017

"Walking down the aisle and seeing James and having both always wanted a gospel choir, this made the ceremony that little more special!"

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Bride: Emma
Wedding Venue: Chateau du Bijou
Wedding Date: 30th April, 2016

"The whole weekend was memorable, but a few that spring to mind. Reaching the front of the aisle and seeing how Plan B (it rained) had come together. After panicking about how David was handling the wet-weather plan, it was nice to see him smiling. I laughed out loud throughout the speeches, they were amazing and I can’t thank the speakers enough. The day after our wedding, we played games around the grounds and finished off the day with a movie and lots of French bubbles and cheese."

Groom: David

"Seeing everyone chipping in and helping arrange the outside plan to the inside area when it started to rain was lovely as everyone was so helpful and it helped keep me calm. I also won't ever forget waiting 45 minutes for Emma to come down the stairs and in to the wedding ceremony room - but she was worth the wait!"

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Bride: Victoria 
Wedding Venue: Cain Manor 
Wedding Date: 11th November, 2016

"The whole day was perfect from start to finish. We were blessed with amazing weather and we made sure we took everything in. The staff at the venue, our photographer and the ceremony registrars were all fantastic and made everything run smoothly."

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Bride: Charlotte 
Wedding Venue: Botleys Mansion
Wedding Date: 22nd October, 2016

"We had been told by a number of people that we wouldn't get to spend much time together as we would be speaking to so many other people so we made sure we were together. We got to speak to everyone and had a brilliant time but ultimately the day was about us as a couple so we made sure we enjoyed it together."

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Bride: Susan
Wedding Venue: Cain Manor
Wedding Date: 22nd December, 2016

"We had such an amazing, relaxed and memorable day at Cain Manor. The staff were attentive, friendly and couldn’t do enough for us. Everyone commented on how lovely the whole day was and what a fantastic venue. Having lots of fairy lights around the pillars, candles and tea lights created a Christmas feel and totally magical. I, personally, will forever remember the feeling of entering The Library, looking at the beautiful surrounding of twinkling lights, feeling the quiet and calmness around me. It bought a tear to my eye to think all the hard work of hand crafting all the finishing touches had been so worth it. Cain Manor staff, family and friends all helped me to foresee my vision. I took a deep breath in and walked into the Music Room, ready to marry Mark. The following morning was just as special, having breakfast with our close family and friends in the library, which was set up using the jugs of flowers again and fires roaring. There are so many memories from the day that I could be writing forever. Thank you so much Cain Manor, definitely the best day ever and will never be forgotten!"

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Bride: Emma
Wedding Venue: Botleys Mansion
Wedding Date: 3rd December, 2016

"Saying our vows. We’d pictured doing this for a long time and that truly was the highlight of our day."

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Bride: Gemma
Wedding Venue: Notley Abbey
Wedding Date: 23rd September, 2016

“The excitement of the wedding manager Barbara telling me it was time for the ceremony to start. Also, the moment when I saw my dad for the first time on the landing at the top of the stairs and having a sneak peek at all my guests sat outside ready for the ceremony. Walking through the house with all my bridesmaid before getting married was also a huge highlight. I remember all the staff had stopped their jobs and waited in the garden to watch me walk down the aisle.”

Groom: Daniel 

“After the ceremony I drove The Bijou E-type with my new wife to have a few moments to ourselves. We then drove back down the beautiful approach to Notley Abbey, to the front of the house where all our guests were stood along the lavender path ready to throw confetti.”

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