Cool Honeymoon Ideas

Out of the box ideas when it comes to booking a unique, cool and unforgettable honeymoon 

Consider going on a cool honeymoon after your perfect Bijou wedding experience

Whether you’re looking for a totally unique get-away unlike any holiday you’ve ever been on before, or you simply love the thought of taking your friends away with you on a buddymoon, the team at Bijou have come up with some great ideas to inspire you. 

Don’t be afraid to step away from the norm when it comes to your honeymoon…

Skiing in Dubai: where sand meets snow 
Dubai is an uber-luxurious honeymoon hot-spot along with being a superb stop over on long-haul flights to the Far East. However, if you love the idea of a sport style honeymoon combined with sun, shopping and spectacular service, then skiing in Dubai along with staying at one of their top-notch resorts could be exactly what you’re looking for! Ski one day and ride a camel the next.

BijouFest: the ultimate buddymoon experience 
If you plan on taking your friends away with you on your honeymoon – otherwise known as a buddymoon, we’ve got the ultimate place to find your zen. BijouFest, owned and run by the family at Bijou Wedding Venues, offers a full summer of week-long activities based around yoga, pilates, cooking, art, mindfulness, well-being and so much more, with plenty of fine food and drink included! Consider spending a week at BijouFest, relaxing and unwinding with friends, before heading off elsewhere in France or Europe, just the two of you. 

Charity honeymoon: give something back 
If you’ve always wanted to give something back, then consider being a volunteer abroad for your honeymoon. You’ll not only get to see another culture, but at the end of it you’ll feel great, having helped a less fortunate community that is in desperate need of help. Volunteering abroad on your honeymoon could include building homes, teaching in schools, or help a community dig for a well, so that they’ll have fresh water to drink. 

Work with animals: support an orangutan sanctuary
It’s probably not something you think about on a day-to-day basis, but across the world there are dozens of endangered species, and programs to help them continue to thrive. In Borneo, for example, there are a number of different conservation organisations that are always looking for people to help and give their time. This could be a pretty unique activity to do whilst on a two week trip across the world. 

Adventure in Antarctica: a penguin paradise 
When we said ‘cool honeymoon ideas’ in the title, we didn’t necessarily mean cool as in cold, but if you are after a cold weather honeymoon suggestion then consider visiting Antarctica. If you love exploring, wildlife and a little bit of adventure then a trip to Antarctica could be the perfect stop over point whether you’re on a cruise or a dedicated tour of the southern hemisphere. 

If the first five ideas didn't inspire you, here are 10 more cool honeymoon ideas to consider: 
Taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
Doing a wine-tasting tour of California 
Seeing the Big Five on a safari in South Africa 
Visiting Niagara Falls in Canada 
Walking along the Great Wall of China 
Riding elephants in Thailand
Touring the Taj Mahal in India 
Cruising around the Caribbean