Save the Date - what, who, why and when?

You’ve set the date, picked the venue and booked the ceremony time, now to give your guests a heads up. But do you send out save the dates or wait a little longer and go straight for the official invitations?


Save the date are pre-invitation notifications


‘Save the dates’ are a pre-invitation notification officially announcing your wedding date. It provides your intended wedding guests with the key information you have at that time, such as location, and denotes that particular person will be receiving an official invitation in due course. 


Of course, you don’t NEED to send these out but it’s good to give the guests you definitely want there on your day a little early warning. 

They are important, and therefore recommended, if you’re planning a destination wedding, getting married in a peak travel time, school holidays or a week day as it will allow your loved ones the time to book days off work. 

They're also a great way to get everyone excited about your wedding from the very start of your planning process! 


A general rule is nine to twelve months before the big day, or as soon as the wedding venue has been confirmed and you’ve made your preliminary guest list
If you leave it much later there isn’t as much point in sending them out, as the official invitations are usually sent four months or so before the Big day. 


Those who have received a ‘Save the Date’ will also be invited to the wedding, so make sure you’re happy with your options for the guest list before sending them out to people. 

Essentially, it’s all the important people you definitely want there on your day that you want to give the warning to. If you have a B-list then you may not necessarily need or want to send save the dates to them quite yet.

What happens if…:

… your guest wants to bring a ‘plus one’? 

‘Save the Dates’ provide an ideal time to indicate exactly who will be invited to the wedding, so make this clear. It’s best to tackle these scenarios as early on in the wedding planning as possible so people aren’t left with the wrong impression. 


…. the date or location changes?

It’s unlikely, but there is a small chance this could happen. The best idea is to create a wedding website and let your guests know the address on the Save the Dates. If there are any changes you’ll be able to update your guests on here.