Wedding invitation etiquette

Wedding invitations have come a long way since the formalities of yesteryear and with even more styles and designs, modern couples have seemingly unlimited options when it comes to inviting their guests to their Big Day. One thing that certainly hasn’t changed however, is the etiquette. 


Wedding invitation etiquette

The aim of your wedding invitation is to provide your guests with the crucial information they need for the day; namely ‘who’, ‘where’ and ‘when’.  Formal phrasing of invitations is still incredibly popular with modern couples, but if you’re a little more casual, it is perfectly acceptable to loosen up the language a little. 

To save any embarrassment, you’re better off naming each guest you are inviting rather than simply putting ‘ & guest’ or ‘plus one’. This has many benefits, such as breaking the news to parents that you’ve opted for an ‘adult only’ affair or avoiding the awkward situation of explaining why a friend can’t replace their recent ex with someone you don’t know!

If you want to go the extra mile and make sure your guests are thoroughly prepared for the day you can opt to include a little more information such as the wedding attire, a map of the church and/or venue location and local accommodation and transport services. 

It’s advisable to request dietary information from your guests to pass on to your caterer but not include the wedding menu in detail. It tends to spoil the surprise on the big day if you do and also means you’re committed to those particular choices earlier than you need to be.

In order to keep your sanity (not to mention the sanity of your caterer or wedding venue), include an RSVP deadline and make this at least 3 weeks prior to your day. Of course, there will always be a few last minute alternations to the guest list in the days leading up to your wedding, but you’re going to need a reasonably accurate idea of numbers in advance in order to complete your table plan. 

As a final point, it is still considered a HUGE faux pas to include information about your wedding gift list. The best thing to do is create a wedding website and include this on your ‘Save the Date’ cards or tell your Wedding Party where you have registered for wedding gifts and get them to spread the word.