Alternative Wedding Gift List Ideas

If a traditional wedding gift list isn’t for you, check out our alternative wedding gift list ideas


Ideas for your wedding gift list

Wedding guests buy present for the happy couple to show thanks for being allowed to join their celebrations. Traditionally these wedding gifts were given to the newlywed couple to contribute towards kitting out their new martial home and life together. But, with an increasing number of couples nowadays already living together or owning there own home before marriage, what can be given as an alternative gift?

There are many different ways to show appreciation as a guest, but its great to actually get the happy couple something they want and can put to good use without going down the familiar route of vouchers. 

Wedding planning couples can get the ball rolling by letting guest know in the early planning stages of the wedding that (in the nicest way possible) ‘of course gifts aren’t expected, just to have your company on our Big Day is more than enough, but if you did want to get a little something to mark the occasion wouldn't something we want be better than a toaster we will never use?’

This article is dedicated to helping you choose an alternative wedding gift list, if you aren't a fan of the traditional high street style wedding gift list. 

A Financial Wedding Present

A suggestion of a gift can be money. Asking for money doesn’t always sit comfortably with couples and it can be an uncomfortable scenario to ask for money as a wedding gift - where is the thought in that? However, all that’s needed in these situations is a little bit of tact. It’s no longer seen as ‘rude’ to ask for money, in fact guests prefer to give the happy couple something that can go towards something they want.
Money can be put towards items for their ‘future’ dream house, a new car, or a honeymoon; jetting off to a dream destination the couple may not normally be able to afford. Now doesn’t that sound nicer than a china set?

Top Tip: If you don't want to ask for physical cash, you could still opt for vouchers from a specific shop, so that you can spend them as you wish in the future. 

Unforgettable Experience Style Wedding Gift 

Alternatively another idea for the happy couple may include a memory-making gift. Most couples will have been saving for a long time for their Big Day, missing out on some of the finer things in life. So why not treat them to something they wouldn’t do every day and will always remember? How about a fancy meal in a Michelin star restaurant, a hot air balloon ride or maybe even a sky dive for the more adventurous couple?

Alternative experience wedding gift ideas include: 

  • A weekend away 
  • A cooking class 
  • A couple’s massage

Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas

Personalised gifts are always greatly received; they’re considered thoughtful and sentimental, now who doesn’t like that? A keepsake that will always remind the happy couple of their day and can be anything from engraved glasses, planting a tree for them or a photo shoot for their first anniversary. Another personal gift idea is ‘Something that grows old with you’; why not buy them a collection of vintage wine that improves with time, just like they will. 

Newlywed couples may also like: 

  • Personalised chopping board 
  • Personalised swing seat for the garden - with either the surname of the couple, or perhaps the name of their wedding venue
  • Personalised champagne glasses 
  • His ‘n’ Hers mugs, towels or pillows case

Sign Up for a Charity Wedding Gift List 

Giving something back is a perfect present for the couple that has everything. Donating to charity, sponsoring a good cause or sponsoring them up for the London Marathon is a lovely gift idea. Helping someone else who is less fortunate feel the love that the couple have. 

Wedding Gift Ideas: For the Bride 

Couples may wish to give each other a memorable wedding gift that is hand-delivered by a bridesmaid or best man whilst everyone is getting ready. The words for a card will always be personal, but below are our top 10 wedding day gift ideas for the bride. 

  1. Beautiful earrings to wear with her dress 
  2. A necklace, perhaps with her new surname engraved on it. Ie. Mrs Smith
  3. Lingerie to take away on your honeymoon 
  4. A luxurious pair of heels to wear on future dates
  5. A memory photo album of all your best times together 
  6. ’10 things I love about you’ – framed 
  7. A hamper full of ‘wifey’ themed products (mug, apron, dressing gown etc.) 
  8. A new watch – now that you have all the time in the world to spend with each other
  9. A bottle of perfume
  10. A jewellery box, to keep all of her pretty accessories

Wedding Gift Ideas: For the Groom 

The groom will be equally as touched with a special gift to remind him of the big day. 10 gift ideas for the groom below: 

  1. An engraved decanter or hip flask 
  2. A vintage bottle of his favourite drink during your first year of marriage
  3. A set of whiskey tumblers 
  4. A bottle of aftershave
  5. A pocket watch 
  6. A special golf club
  7. Cufflinks for your future special occasions
  8. A new wallet 
  9. Organise a surprise at the wedding, such as a firework display or a band he loves 
  10. A map with all of the places pin pointed of where you’d like to travel as a couple in the future 

All suggestions aside no matter what the gift from your guests, being there on their magical day is all that counts.