Grooming Tips for your Wedding

We have met so many grooms who have spent countless hours planning and imagining every element of their special day, but it’s only when they arrive at their luxury wedding venue to get ready that it dawns on them how important the day really is. Naturally, you’ll want to look your best for such an important occasion. You may be given a list of jobs to complete at the wedding venue, but make sure you factor in time to focus on yourself, rather than rush getting ready and forget to iron your shirt…  

Whether you’re typically well-kempt or more of a charmingly shaggy mess, the wedding day morning coiffure is bound to cause a little trepidation. It’s the special occasion, everyone’s looking at you, and if there were to be a day when you want to look your best, this is probably it. Don’t let the girls have all the fun being pampered. Follow our grooming tips and your wedding morning might just be a little more relaxing. 

Make it stylish

Bijou's beginner's guide to grooming the groom; from hair to tanning and more


Tips on how to look great for your wedding
Advice on smelling fresh on your wedding day
Make it stylish
Smell is the most sensitive of the senses and research has shown that it’s the sense most linked to our emotional recollection.