Bridesmaid dresses

You may have already decided who your bridesmaids were going to be the minute he placed the ring on your finger. But before making that commitment to your chosen favourites, consider a few points not everyone will think about. 

Make your Bridesmaids dress shopping stress-free
  • Choose a friend who can calm you down, a friend who can second-guess you and a friend who can make you laugh. These are three qualities that you will need during your wedding planning process, as it can get tough and stressful. You don’t want someone who argues with your decisions or throws a diva strop if they’re not getting their own way. 
  • Mixing personalities and pleasing everyone can be difficult, but it is possible. As with body shapes and fashion tastes – one style of bridesmaid dress won’t necessarily suit all.  Consider different shapes and colour palette. 
  • Have the budget conversation early on. Will you be paying for their dresses or do you want them to? You’ll need to set a realistic price point BEFORE you start looking. 
  • Communication is key. Hold regular and casual gatherings outside of the wedding planning circle to ensure the girls, if they don’t already know each other, break the ice and start to gel with each other before your big day.  If they all know each other already, use it as an excuse to dissolve the stress and have a good time with your best friends. 


And now for the dresses:

  • Your first job is to make sure they all will look gorgeous.
  • Take your time and decide how YOU want them to look and how their dresses will complement yours but DO ask your maids for inspiration such as colours, lengths and styles BEFORE you start shopping. 
  • Try different necklines – you’d be surprise how much difference this makes to a look. 
  • Don’t take all of them shopping at once! You’ll get bombarded with different opinions and it will be difficult to gauge your own. 
  • Remember – simple is best and less is more. You’re better off going for a relatively plain design but glitzing it up with a big necklace – statement jewellery is totally in this year!