Venue enhancement options

Clever ways to enhance the look of your wedding venue; suitable for every type of wedding budget

You may want to add to the uniqueness of your day by incorporating some stylish extras. Discuss this with your venue if you are planning to introduce third party food or drink suppliers – this may conflict with your contractual agreement. For each category we have listed some ‘take care’ notes.

Think about the possible weather conditions - heating and cooling and high winds for instance. Work out setting up time and how long it could take you to disassemble and clear this with the venue. Consider flooring and calculate the full costing before you compare with ‘permanent’ options.
These are great for taking weather unpredictability into account if you are committed to outside celebrations. Work out setting up along with timings and responsibilities when it comes to disassembling a gazebo. 

Setting up your own bar could be ideal for keeping people in one location if the bar set-up at your venue doesn’t do this. Check logistics.
Stools & Tables
Hiring is usually the best option if you wish to increase the options for seating at your venue.
Romantic lighting can to the atmosphere of course, but make sure you arrange sufficient time for both putting up and taking down your decorative lighting, as the venue is unlikely to do this for you. Certificates from your suppliers may be needed by your venue.
Some couples like to have some kind of photographic display on a screen displaying some old pictures. Spend time choosing your favourite memories if it is to be a feature.
Faux arrangements
Some venues and florists offer faux arrangements to complement your fresh flower arrangements. This can help with the budget and even be tied to your colour scheme with some additional blooms.
Wishing tree
A fashionable memento – asking your guests to write you a short note to hang on the tree is a nice alternative to the guest book.
These look beautiful and you can even choose scented ones to enhance the atmosphere of your venue. 

Photo booth
This provides entertainment and simultaneously generates hilarious photographic memories of your big day, a great way to kill two birds with one stone.
Disposable Cameras
With the prolific use of smart phones disposable cameras have reduced in popularity but if you do include them make sure that they are labelled with instructions.
This will require a determined volunteer to make sure that everyone gets to sign it.
Chair covers
Confirm with your supplier that they will both ‘put on’ and ‘take off’. Does the hire charge include laundry, delivery and set-up?
Chocolate Fountain
Ice Sculptures
Candy Floss
Fish and Chips
Lemonade Trike
Pimms Trike
Hog Roast
Cheese Trike
Espresso Trike
Dessert Table