10 Ways to Add Festive Glamour to your Winter Wedding

Festive wedding ideas for winter wedding venues

If you plan on getting married around Christmas time then why not add a touch of festive glamour to your special day? The team at your wedding venue should be able to advise you when it comes to what you are, and are not, allowed to do in your particular venue but just to give you some ideas, we’ve come up with ten fun and easy thoughts on how you can add festive personality to your winter wedding celebration.

Mistletoe is a Must
Add a touch of fun to your ceremony by having mistletoe hanging above you at the altar, so that when you have that first kiss as a married couple, you’ll be stood in the perfect position.

A Beautiful Berry Bouquet
Speak to your florist and see if it's possible to carry a bouquet based around a winter berry theme. This is a beautiful way to kick-start your winter wedding and, if you’re able to dry it out after the wedding, it could be an item to keep and bring out every year at Christmas time.

Serve Mulled Wine
Instead of serving champagne right after your wedding, why not celebrate with mulled wine? Your guests will love the warm, festive aromas and this could be the ultimate introduction to your winter wedding reception.

Nativity-themed Table Plan
Create a nativity scene table plan with the top table being located under the name "North Star". Other table name ideas can include Three Wise Men, The Manger, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, The Donkey and The Stable!

Bauble Seat Decorations
Attach a personalised bauble to each seat at your wedding reception in order to add a touch of festive colour when your wedding breakfast room is revealed.  

Christmas Present Centre Piece
Rather than a vase of flowers or a tall candelabra, think about wrapping up a big box with Christmas paper and a ribbon on top to put in the centre of each of your tables. Then, during the reception, guests sitting round the table can open the presents to reveal games and ice breakers to play throughout your wedding breakfast.

Alternatively, a mini Christmas tree with wrapped present favours around each one could be a great, and very Christmassy, idea.

Christmas Dinner for Breakfast

Instead of more mainstream wedding banquet options, why not opt for a traditional Christmas turkey dinner for your wedding breakfast, followed by Christmas pudding for dessert? Your guests will love the spread, regardless of whether your wedding falls before or after the 25th December.

Christmas Cracker Favours
Instead of a jar of sweets or a personalised magnet, why not save money and create your own festive Christmas cracker wedding favours. You can buy packs to make your own, or start saving up loo rolls now, so that you can design and fill your own cracker wedding favours with a festive treat inside. We recommend filling your Christmas cracker wedding favours with Quality Street chocolates, a candy cane or a Christmas decoration, and don’t forget to include a festive joke, and a paper hat of course!

Create a Mince Pie Tower
If you plan on having a festive wedding cake or an evening buffet, consider having a tower of mince pies along side either one, so that your guests can tuck in to the taste of Christmas. Mince pies are ideal with after dinner coffee, or to complete an evening wedding buffet.

Festive First Dance
Dance your first dance as a married couple to a beautiful Christmas song such as Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘The Power of Love’ – or speak your DJ in advance and ask him to have a full-on Christmas tune dance special at some point during the evening.

If you're excited about a festive celebration, call our dedicated wedding planning team to check for winter wedding availability at Botleys Mansion, Cain Manor, Notley Abbey and Silchester House. Let us help you plan the perfect wedding around Christmas time.