Wedding day fitness - an introduction

It may or may not be your intention to shed a few pounds before your big day, but regular exercise is proven to reduce your stress levels – no bad thing in the run up to a wedding. Factor in a regular routine early on in your wedding planning TimeLine to ensure you release a bit of tension every now and then.

If you're intending on losing a few pounds before your big day, best to start a routine early on in the planning

Weight loss (or gain) aspirations have to be managed sensibly in the months before the wedding. Good advice is crucial if this is what you are looking for.

One thing that is always underestimated when it comes to planning a wedding is the amount of nervous energy that can be consumed. Sadly (for some) this doesn’t mean that binge eating will be fully compensated for – but you will need your strength.

Emotional calm is as critical as physical health and if you find that things are getting on top of you find someone to talk to who isn’t involved in the wedding. Perspective is what you will be looking for.