The ultimate wedding weight loss quick fix

In need of a quick fix to shed a few pounds before the big day? This is a great little treat to indulge in in the run up to your wedding as you do tend to see instant results.

Sadly there is still no miracle way to burn fat besides the usual hard slog of diet and exercise but a so called miracle “inch loss” body wrap the day before the wedding will help you look and feel temporarily slimmer by reducing fluid retention. The plus is you could feel lighter and altogether less bloated for up to a week. There are lots of different wraps to choose from but those containing mud and clay are most effective at detoxifying the body and drawing excess water out and you could see a loss of up to a whopping 12 inches from your body after a single wrap. (That’s a collective 12 inches, from arms, belly and thighs, not 12 inches off your waist!!).

Algae and seaweed are also popular ingredients as they have nourishing and detoxifying properties.

Before the treatment begins the therapist will take measurements from various parts of your body so you’ll be able to compare the before and after results and see whether you have lost inches from different areas of your body.

Then you’ll change into some paper knickers and lie down on a treatment table ready for the treatment to begin. In preparation for the wrap your skin will need to be exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and help improve your circulation. This part of the treatment is perhaps the most important so as to give your pores the best chance of absorbing the treatment. The chosen solution will then be applied to your entire body and then the therapist will wrap you tightly from head to toe in warm cotton bandages – as if you were being mummified.

The heat from the bandages will encourage your pores to open and you’ll begin to sweat out any toxins. You’ll be left to relax for about 20 – 60 minutes and most likely with some relaxing music in the background you can nod off for a refreshing power nap. When it’s time to remove the bandages they may feel cold and soggy so this part of the treatment is usually done as quickly as possible. Any excess solution will be wiped away and you should be left feeling refreshed and detoxed. Your skin will feel smoother and firmer and hopefully your clothes will also feel looser!

Your measurements will be taken again so you can see how many inches you have lost. Body wraps can vary enormously depending on the spa and therapist and some may prefer to use plastic wraps instead of bandages, or completely different solutions or methods but the outcome should be the same. They can also be combined with other treatments such as massages and facials if you fancy treating yourself and maybe your bridesmaids to a spa day pre-wedding. 


How much does a body wrap cost?
The price of a body wrap can vary greatly depending on whereabouts you go, and what type of wrap you opt for. You can get wraps from around £40, but they can go up to £150 a pop. 

We love:
Elemis Cellutox Aroma Spa Wrap 
1hr 15mins     
This is a particularly lovely treatment as you can lie back and enjoy a facial massage and scalp treatment or foot massage whilst you are wrapped in rich marine algae and detoxifying juniper and lemon. It’ll help to refine the appearance of cellulite and relieve the discomfort of fluid retention – we defy you not to fall asleep mid treatment!
£92 (elemis)

VOYA Organic Seaweed Peat Wrap
VOYA’s Organic Seaweed Peat wrap begins with a dry body brushing followed by a combination of seaweed extracts with micronised Peat. There is a long existing tradition of Peat Wraps in Eastern Europe; they were traditionally used for a variety of skin and rheumatic conditions. This wrap offers potent detoxification due to its trace elements, vitamins, polyphenols, lipids, and especially humic acids. Many studies have shown that humic has an astringent effect and also drains the toxic substances from the body.
(Prices vary)