Getting Fit for your Wedding

If you’ve made it here, we’re going to assume that you definitely want to look your absolute best on your wedding day. Even if you’ve only just started looking at wedding venues there’s no time like the present! There’s nothing like spending a lot of money on a luxury wedding venue to motivate you to look as good when you pose for your group wedding shots. 

Getting started early on a new fitness kick will pay off in the long run. It’s not all about losing a few pounds; we want you to feel good on your wedding day, so if that means taking some more time for yourself to let go of stress before your big day, do it! 

When all eyes are on you, you’ll appreciate any effort you’ve gone to before the big day to ensure you look your best. In fact, your best motivator will likely be you fiancé, so why not get fit together? Take up a new sport (as long as you’re not too competitive with each other!) or even a dance class as the perfect excuse to perfect that first dance routine.

Make it stylish

Ideas on how to get wedding fit (and healthy) as a couple, before the big day.

Ideas on how to get wedding-fit as a couple
Tips on how to get fit ahead of your wedding day
Make it stylish

Bijou’s top tips on how to get fit ahead of your big day; from weight loss to mindfulness and more.