Fit, Fabric and Finishes - Achieving the James Bond look

The big day is special for both the bride, and the groom. It is easy to get lost in all the fuss around the bride’s beautiful dress and making sure she looks just perfect but don’t forget that the groom has a role to play and it is equally important that he looks his very best on the day. 

It's important to get the right fabric and fit for your suit

We would all like to be James Bond for the day wouldn’t we? He is noted for his impeccable taste in dress and it is the little finishing touches and fine details that make the difference.

Obviously you are going to have to decide whether you are going for a formal look such as morning tails, black tie or a lounge suit which is a little more relaxed yet maintains the smartness that a wedding demands.

I like to refer to the three F’s….. Fit, fabric and finishes!

The most obvious, yet often the one thing grooms get wrong, is the fit of your suit. This is so important. It must hang right, fit you correctly across the shoulders with no pulls or overhangs. It should button comfortably without over stretching across the front and should be cut nicely into your waist to give a nice silhouette of your body shape. The sleeves must be just long enough to allow half inch of shirt cuff to protrude. Avoid too long sleeves which cover half your hands, they will make the whole suit appear too long and too big.

The waistcoat should fit you closely over your body but not tightly. You must be able to breathe in it and there should be no evidence of pulling from the buttons. 
The trousers should fit nicely around the waist without the need for a belt but not too tight, the belt then becomes an additional final touch. The length is determined by the width o the bottoms. With much narrower trousers now the trend they can be worn a little higher up the ankle so that the hem is resting nicely on the top of the shoe with a small break at the front.

Whatever fabric you choose please stay well away from anything man made like polyester, viscose, elastane etc. You simply cannot beat a natural fibre like wool, cashmere, silk or mohair to give maximum comfort and the best drape and appearance. It also allows you to move and perspire, being natural it will absorb moisture unlike synthetics. 

Now we come to finishes, the correct tie is a major decision, it must be silk, and it must be high quality. The colour and design is personal to you but you cannot afford to cut back on quality here. Make sure the tie is tied with a nice shaped knot with a dimple in the silk under the knot.
Pocket squares are very fashionable right now and there are many ways to wear one. Don’t go too flamboyant and detract from your buttonhole flower.

Finally, shoes. Please make sure they are highly polished, no worn down heels and they need to be a leather dress shoes.
Follow these simple tips and you will look and feel like James Bond…..shaken, not stirred!