The Boys

Making sure you and your Groomsmen are looking your very best.

Make it stylish

The big day is special for both the bride, and the groom. It is easy to get lost in all the fuss around the bride’s beautiful dress and making sure she looks just perfect but don’t forget that the groom has a role to play and it is equally important that he looks his very best on the day. 

It's important to get the right fabric and fit for your suit
Deciphering dress code for your wedding
Make it stylish

Black Tie? Morning Suits? Lounge Suits? All guests? Wedding Party only? Flexible? The Wedding Day is one of the few occasions when, as a guy, you have some difficult decisions to make regarding what to wear.

Make it stylish

Whether you’re hiring or having custom made suits for the boys, you should think about this relatively early on in your planning process. Bespoke suits are all the rage nowadays as they are so personal and can be used after the wedding day.