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No pressure, but your partner will expect you to put as much effort into your look, as you will, so it’s important to make an effort. This means, making sure you have a good team around you to keep you calm when you arrive at your wedding venue and that you look sharp and sophisticated when stood at the end of the aisle. 

The best place to start is by working out who is who in your groom’s party. You’re going to have to delegate jobs, so make sure everyone knows their responsibilities clearly. Pick your most sensible friend to be entrusted with the rings, and check out our low down on wedding ring ideas to get an idea of what you might like. It’s also a good idea to discuss early on in your planning what you’ll all want to wear, and then it’s time to go shopping! 

Knowing where to start with all the different styles of suits in a formal attire shop can be daunting. Morning dress or lounge suit? Black tie or more casual? Top hat or no top hat? When it comes to wedding attire, we have plenty of ideas to de-mystify your suit shopping so that you can focus on simply looking your best. The safest option is to match the formality of your wedding venue, so you don’t look out of place. Remember that not everyone will own a top hat and tails, so consider hiring suits for your groomsmen if you fancy this as an option.

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