Waxing for your Wedding

Top tips and expert advice when it comes to waxing before your wedding

Waxing legs ahead of a wedding day

Expert Waxing Advice 

However you choose to remove un-wanted body hair, waxing is an option that should last and last. If you’re new to the idea of waxing for your wedding, this article gives some great information and expert advice. 

Waxing isn’t just for the girls these days with more and more grooms opting for back and chest waxes so they are smooth for their brides to be. The Strip brand has become synonymous with the best, pain free waxing in the UK due to their luxurious waxing bars and specialist hot Lycon wax. Strip Wax Bar founder Maria-Louise Featherstone gives us her exclusive guide to pre-wedding waxing. 

“If you’re not used to being waxed I’d recommend at least two waxes prior to your wedding day to ensure a smoother finish that will last longer, it is best to start this routine at least six to eight weeks prior to your wedding day so that you can fit at least two appointments in" say's Maria-Louise. 

“For the bride, your pre-wedding wax should take place around two to three days prior to your wedding date. If you’re planning on having a spray tan remember to book this in a day or so after your wax.

“For the groom, your pre-wedding wax should take place around five to six days prior to your wedding date just in case you experience any sensitivity on larger waxed areas like chests and backs. Skin can become a little bumpy if it’s not used to being waxed. We would recommend anti-histamine tablets before and after waxing to eliminate any bumps along with and anti-bump wash.

“Our therapists will always recommend post-wax care to ensure the freshly waxed skin stays as smooth and hair free for as long as possible. We also recommend taking wax products on your honeymoon; Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 spray, compact or gel cream will protect the skin and ensure the waxed areas are protected from the sun.”

Top tip: To fix in-grown hairs and bumps apply ingrown-x-it directly to the area as advised. Heat, sweat, sand, sea-water and chlorine can all irritate recently waxed skin.

10 Benefits of Waxing Before your Wedding 

  1. Your legs (or whatever you have waxed) will feel silky smooth under your wedding dress 
  2. You won’t need to remember to pack a razor in your toiletry bag
  3. Alternatively, you won’t need to bother your wedding venue for a razor the following morning if you do forget to pack one
  4. Professional waxing is quick and easy
  5. A waxing session is a great way to pamper yourself during your wedding planning
  6. Over time, waxing your legs produces finer hair that grows at a slower rate
  7. Shaving can cause irritation, so waxing could eliminate this skin worry during the run up to your wedding
  8. You won’t risk cutting your legs on the morning of your wedding with a razor 
  9. Waxing will guarantee you won’t miss any hairs, compared to shaving 
  10. Your wedding wax may last throughout the duration of your honeymoon