Hair and Beauty - an introduction

Along with exercise, your beauty regime is something you should start early on in order to prepare your skin for the day.  Start booking trials with makeup artists several months in advance of the big day and they will be able to advise you on the essential steps for a radiant look. 

Beauty routines will go hand-in-hand with your hair care and styling options.  You’ll want to go for a cut two months before to allow your hair enough time to grow again. Most brides will have a final trim and/or colour 3-4 weeks prior to the day. 


Most bridal beauticians will arrange for a rehearsal session ahead of the Day and this is usually combined with a hair-styling practice. You may have one person doing both elements and the rehearsal will allow you to get some idea of how much time you will need to allow for the real thing.
Traditionally of course henna art was strictly the preserve of the Asian bride but if you are using henna then make sure your timetable accommodates. 

Most brides would like to work this into their timetable for the Day but sometimes the schedule will not allow it. Certainly worth finding time for it and treating yourself the evening before!
Speak to your beautician about this and be realistic on timing. Most brides will arrange an appointment for the day before for hands and feet – maybe combined with a massage…
Teeth Whitening
The Wedding Smile needs to be perfect! A couple of sessions polishing the ‘gnashers’ will put a sparkle on the photos without any airbrushing! Avoid offerings that contain bleach even if the price is enticing – sensitivity to temperature is not a good idea close to the Day. 


Play around with headpieces and veils when trying on dresses particularly if they don’t have a hair-style confirmed.

Finding the right person to look after your hair on the day is critical – s/he will be with you while you are getting ready and needs to be a calming influence rather than providing an independent element of drama! Collect pictures as you come across ideas and make sure you have a dry run. 

A rehearsal, usually combining make-up and hairstyling, will give you comfort that on the Day so you can close your eyes and relax.