Bridal accessories

An introduction to the different bridal accessories available to a bride.

Thing about accessories at the same time as you try on your dress

Entirely optional! Just one of those traditions that you need to opt in or out of!

Head pieces
You will want to look at the options for ‘headgear’ when you are trying on your dress. These can be anything from the traditional veil to tiaras, fresh flowers or even something quirky like feathers. Make sure that you at least try a veil – even if you are adamant that the veil-thing is not for you – you might be surprised!

This too will need to complement your dress. Earrings, necklace etc. may be needed to complete the ‘look’.
NVP Underwear
The all important ‘no visible panty-line’ kit, complete with strapless or backless bra, may be worth taking for the dress fitting. Make sure that they are on the list for the Day if your dress is ‘figure-hugging’!
Think about the size of the heel you want for the Day and take a pair of similar heels for the initial dress fitting. When it comes to choosing the pair that will carry you down the aisle remember that you are going to be wearing them for a long time and included in your strongest memories of the Day should NOT be the blisters on your heels. They really do need to be comfortable so acclimatising your feet to them and doing ‘the walk’ needs to go on the TimeLine over a decent period! Make sure you have your chosen shoes with you for the final fitting of the Dress.
Signature perfume
Scientists tell us that smells evoke memories more strongly even than sound. Are you planning to wear your normal perfume for the Day or will it be something different that in years to come will transport you back to your wedding day every time you catch a whiff? See our brides guide to finding the perfect fragrance for inspiration.