Planning your Wedding Timetable

If you’re trying to picture your wedding day timetable, we have a full list of essential elements to consider in your timings, so that you don’t end up forgetting something and running late on the big day. After all, there’s only so long you can keep your other half waiting at the end of the aisle! Our experience also tells us that one of the big debates with wedding timetables is whether to have a receiving line or not? Some wedding venues are perfectly designed with a dramatic entrance to the wedding breakfast which will be perfect to welcome your guests into the celebration, but ultimately it is up to you as to whether you include. If you use our ultimate wedding day check list, we reckon it’ll be practically impossible to forget anything! 

Make it happen

Questions, answers, tips and advice relating to the planning, organisation and etiquette of a wedding receiving line.


A wedding receiving line taking place at the entrance to The Monks' Refectory at Notley Abbey
The only wedding checklist you'll need during the run up to your big day
Make it happen

A handy checklist to ensure the smooth running of your wedding day timetable.

The speeches at a wedding reception tend to go on for longer than originally planned
Make it happen

Advice on how to keep your wedding day timetable in check; from the start of your ceremony to the very last dance.