How To: Find the Best Wedding Venues in Oxfordshire

Ideas and suggestions on how to help you find the best wedding venues in Oxfordshire in order to meet your wedding day requirements.

Notley Abbey is one of the best wedding venues in Oxfordshire for a number of different reasons

The British county of Oxfordshire is located in the Midlands and houses a number of wonderful wedding venues for wedding planning couples to choose from. Iif you’re newly engaged and on the hunt for the best wedding venues in the area, you've come to the right place!

After the excitement of announcing your engagement to friends and family, one of the first job’s on your wedding planning to-do list should be to look for, browse and book the best wedding venue possible. So, if you’re looking for a perfect wedding venue in Oxfordshire, let us help you narrow down your choice. 

What Type of Wedding Venue are you Looking for in Oxfordshire? 

With so many different wedding venues available across the UK, the easiest way to narrow down your choice will be to decide what type of wedding venue in Oxfordshire you’d like to book. Consider the following…

  • Exclusive use wedding venue 
  • Country house wedding venue 
  • Hotel wedding venue 
  • Blank canvas wedding venue 
  • Luxury Barn wedding venue 
  • Castle wedding venue 
  • Golf Club wedding venue
  • Spa wedding venue
  • Library wedding venue
  • Wedding venue on a boat 
  • Museum wedding venue 

Calculating your Wedding Guest Numbers 

There’s no point in looking at wedding venues that are going to be too small to hold your wedding guest numbers, or, too big, making your smaller wedding party feel lost. Sit down as a couple and possibly with your families to make a draft of your potential wedding guest list. It might be an idea to make a reserve list as well, because its more than likely that not everyone on your initial guest list will be able to attend. Knowing a rough wedding guest number list should help you towards choosing the best wedding venue in Oxfordshire for your requirements. 

Discussing your Wedding Venue Budget 

It may be fun and exciting to receive brochures and start visiting the best wedding venues in Oxfordshire, but we recommend being realistic when it comes to your wedding budget. Perhaps give your shortlist of wedding venues in Oxfordshire a call to discuss figures, before you commit to a visit. If you find that a wedding venue is out of your budget then there is no point in wasting anyones time. However, if you fall in love with a wedding venue and you feel that nothing else will ever compare, consider booking it for several years in advance, giving you extra time to save up for your special day! However, be aware of the costs associated with cancelling a wedding date, after you’ve paid your security deposit. 

Top Things to Look Out for when Searching for your Dream Wedding Venue in Oxfordshire 

There is more than just ‘the venue’ to consider when searching for the ultimate location to host your wedding in Oxfordshire. Ask yourselves the questions below and see if they’re relevant to you…

  • If you’re planning a civil wedding ceremony, does the venue have a license? 
  • If you’re planning a church wedding, does the wedding venue have a church nearby?
  • Does the wedding venue have grounds or gardens that you can use for wedding photography? 
  • When it comes to catering, does the wedding venue have their own catering team, or do you need to source catering separately? 
  • Does the wedding venue have a recommended supplier list that they can share with you? 
  • Does the wedding venue have bedrooms? If not, is there a hotel or two nearby that you can suggest to your wedding guests? 
  • Is the wedding venue even available? 

Top Tip: Discuss potential wedding dates between you as a couple before you start searching for your wedding venue. The best wedding venues in Oxfordshire will get booked up well in advance, so aim to be flexible if your dream date isn’t available. 

Things for your Wedding Guests to do in Oxfordshire 

Will you have guests travelling to your wedding venue in Oxfordshire from overseas? Below is a list of local attractions that they may be interested in doing, if they’re staying in the UK for longer than the duration of your wedding. 

  • Visit the Wychwood Brewery 
  • Day trip to the University Museum of Natural History 
  • See the Bodleian Library 
  • Visit the Chiltern Valley Winery and Brewery
  • Tour Oxford Castle 
  • Photograph White Horse Hill 
  • Day trip to Crocodiles of the World, crocodile zoo