Plan your Wedding Planning

You’ve just enjoyed the whirlwind excitement of your new engagement and now you’re realising your wedding day isn't going to happen by itself. There are countless decisions to be made (Which wedding venue? Which date? What even is a wedding breakfast?) and, seemingly, so little time to do it all. If this sounds like you, you are in the right place! 

Here at Bijou, we love everything about planning weddings; from searching through beautiful wedding venues to choosing an elegant theme and perfecting every last detail. On this page, we’re sharing our wisdom to help simplify your wedding planning, including an easy to follow timeline and some honest home truths (a must read if your vision of wedding planning is that of cliché rom-coms and Pinterest...). 

If you’ve only just started your wedding planning but know you want to host the most unforgettable day, head straight for our article all about choosing unique wedding venues. Or, if you’ve been planning your special day for years (perhaps even before The Proposal!) our A-Z of weddings is the perfect read to ensure nothing is forgotten. 

10 top reasons on why we think you should get married in 2019 - why wait? 

Special wedding offers and availability at Cain Manor in Hampshire
A guide to organising and planning a wedding
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The ultimate guide to planning the perfect wedding; from budgeting to finding a great wedding venue and beyond.

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The ultimate countdown to your wedding day celebrations starting…now! 

A collection of modern-day wedding myths that you can choose to believe or not
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A collection of modern-day wedding myths explained, but whether you choose to believe them or not is up to you!

When it comes to planning a wedding, what kind of wedding planner are you?
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When it comes to decision making and organising your special day, what kind of wedding planner will you be? 

The truths about planning a wedding
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The good, the bad and the ugly truth about planning a wedding, with fun, excitement and a once-in-a-lifetime experience thrown in too.

Various floral arrangements will make your wedding look simply beautiful
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We know that planning a wedding can be stressful at times, so to ensure you don't forget anything along the way, we've created an A to Z list of everything you need to plan the perfect day...

All four Bijou Wedding Venues are unique in their own way
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Choosing a wedding venue that is unique as you both are as a couple…

Cain Manor offers beautiful gardens and country Hampshire grounds
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Ideas on how to introduce local suppliers to your barn style wedding in Hampshire

Notley Abbey is one of the best wedding venues in Oxfordshire for a number of different reasons
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Ideas and suggestions on how to help you find the best wedding venues in Oxfordshire in order to meet your wedding day requirements.