Wedding Photography and More

We live in an age where almost everything is documented with a photo and a hashtag, and your wedding will likely be no different. Whether it’s a statement wide angle shot of your luxury wedding venue, or a perfectly timed moment captured by a well-positioned photographer, it’ll be these memories that you will look back on time and time again in the future. While price can be a good indication of quality, there’s lots of other factors such as style and how long they will shoot for when choosing a great wedding photographer. We also have 10 reasons to consider hiring a videographer too, so that you can re-live the stories told in your speeches or your first dance in the future. A good photographer or videographer will have worked at lots of wedding venues and will know what works, so trust them and focus on being present on your wedding day and enjoying the moment.

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Keep your guests buzzing throughout your wedding celebration by getting them involved during your reception and evening party.

Ideas for involving your wedding guests
Top reasons to hire a videographer for your wedding
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Ten reasons on why we think hiring a wedding videographer to capture your special day on film is a great idea…

Ways to choose a wedding videographer
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Top tips and advice when it comes to choosing a videographer to film your wedding day from start to finish… 

Memorable moments for a photographer to capture on a wedding day
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A list of 60 must-have images to hand to your wedding photographer before the big day!

Advice on choosing a photographer for your wedding
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Top tips from the team behind Bijou Wedding Venues when it comes to choosing a great wedding photographer; from packages to pricing and beyond…