Who makes up the Wedding Party?

A successful wedding is always the result of a team effort, regardless of how much of a control freak you might be. Your chosen helpers in your wedding party will be there adding the finishing touches to your wedding venue on the morning of your wedding and keeping the dance floor full well into the night – so choose wisely! Aside from the all important roles and responsibilities of your wedding party, we’re sharing a handy list of ten jobs to delegate to your wedding party straight away to help you out, and so much more. Read on to seek further advice on topics related to your wedding party.


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A list of must-have photographs for your photographer to capture with your wedding party.

The wedding party of Nicky and Mike taken at Botleys Mansion wedding venue in Surrey
Ask a bridesmaid to help you tie your wedding dress
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Ten jobs to delegate to your wedding party in order to make planning your wedding celebration that little bit easier

Deciding whether or not to have flower girls and page boys in your wedding
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Helping you decide whether to include children in your wedding party, or not

How to choose your bridesmaids and maid of honour for the wedding
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Your questions answered when it comes to deciding who to choosing your bridesmaids and Maid of Honour 

Wedding shoes for the bridal party
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A break down of who you need to include in your wedding party and what responsibilities they should expect to take on